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The theme of advertising inside of web sites has always worked and continue to do so, the most obvious proof is that you will hardly find a web site that does not have Google ads within the same. Assign a portion of the available space of your web site and use it to advertising is a very valid option to monetize and earn some extra income, but with respect to East topic titled this article there are some issues to consider. Monetize a website pretending to add some value extra is one thing and another thing to imagine having a web site for live advertising. With AdSense you can get some money, but only few dollars. For the big money it is necessary to be an expert on AdSense and have, not just one, but several web site, with prestige, very well positioned and with excellent traffic is clear that if your site gives you one hundred dollars a month and you are able to assemble ten other similar sites you can achieve thousand dollars, but this is not as simple as it seems. Many sites have generated very good profit selling advertising space or banner ads, but all of them had a traffic flow that allowed them to permanent and constant visits that towards which the advertiser would like to be present.

But the thing is totally different if you have a small or newly started site and where visits or permanent or in quantity. If your case is a site with little flow of visitors this method, to generate some extra money, will not serve you. A space for a banner is sold per CPM (number of prints) to be precise, every 1000 impressions. So if not accounts with amount traffic you not interested to the advertiser. the matter. If you were thinking about this, I regret having disappointed, if I did it, but I think that it is better to find a way to get extra money in another way. Is that many believe that building a site with good content will get quickly the traffic and from that point they evaluate in project.

But even if your contents are very good, the traffic will come with the time, in the internet business and its ex-ante evaluation should always be taken into account time is that many do not they do so. Web sites, with rare exceptions, are like good wine, they need a time of maturation. The advertising business is hard work and that takes much time, I’m not saying that it doesn’t, just that I suggest that you start to look for income from other sources, a system of affiliate for example. Without hesitation rusty holzer explained all about the problem. Then when your site already has a track record and the important traffic, you can then deal with the issue of advertising. Finally: The advantage of Internet business is that you can always make changes permanent, but careful, always maintaining fixed bearing and without running you the original shaft, small changes give very good results. And what more worth of all is time, you must give time to your business, and you must give you time, without despair. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

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