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A Canadian research team has found that bilingualism can delay the beginning of Alzheimer’s dementia by up to five years. In the latest issue of the journal Neurology by November 9, a Canadian team of researchers reported the results, which have made the observation of 200 patients with possible Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It is interesting that those patients who were at least bilingual, much later noticed the typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease than those who were only a language. The difference amounted to up to five years in the beginning of dementia. The high-profile team of researchers that has come to these latest findings, comprises Dr. Fergus Craik of the Rotman Research Institute, Dr. Ellen Bialystok of York University and Dr.

Morris Freedman, a renowned Alzheimer’s specialist. The study was led by the Baycrest red man Research Institute. “Before wrong conclusions, we must hold, that we will not defend bilingualism bend of Alzheimer’s dementia or other forms of dementia on any of Way before. It seems to be rather that bilingual have a greater cognitive reserve that is ultimately responsible that the Alzheimer’s symptoms delay occurs,”said the study leader and co-editor of the standard of”The Oxford Handbook of Memory”, Dr. (Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari). Craik. The brains of people who speak several languages shows same typical foreclosure signs of Alzheimer’s disease, as the comparators.

The ability to speak two or more languages, seems the brain of these persons to be provided but with compensatory skills, which will allow the typical Alzheimer’s symptoms (loss of memory, confusion and difficulties in problem-solving and planning) to transfer. The investigations carried out between 2007 and 2009 in 211 patients, who all were hospitalized with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in the Sam and Ida Ross Memory Clinic. To check the influence of multilingualism on the beginning of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, was the date of the diagnosis, and the age at which Training, healthy eating and multilingualism play a central role in the processing of cognitive problems, as they typically occur with age-related dementia. “Although a lot of research effort is operated for the search for new and more effective Alzheimer’s drugs, there is still no single product that could delay the start of Alzheimer’s symptoms not to mention by a delay of up to five years,” Dr. Freedman said. As so often in medicine seems to apply, that prevention is better than cure so also here. And prevent you can apparently, keeping fit his brain, for example, through the learning of different languages. Description of the company Swissestetix offers you a wide range of innovative treatments of in aesthetic medicine. We are experts for weight loss, wrinkle treatment, and surgical and non surgical facelifts. Thanks to great experience and latest techniques at the lipoplasty (liposuction), breast augmentation with autologous fat as well as the non-surgical We achieve optimal results facelifts with Botox or fillers. Benefit from our vast knowledge in dealing with the latest treatment methods for rhinoplasty, eyelid streamlining or whole face lifts. Enjoy the glamorous feel to look again fresh, relaxed and youthful.

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