Resort Ships

Most Resort boats have a very casual dress code, while others (including cruise ships offer more than seven days, the industry standard) feature of the more formal dress codes. Go to Edward Minskoff for more information. Tuxes are only really needed aboard Queen Mary 2, to make a transatlantic crossing, otherwise, you can dress down and comfortable. Norm: Is there always a doctor and clinic aboard the cruise ship? Douglas: Almost all cruise ships that carry more than 50 passengers have a fully qualified medical and nursing assistants, also dealing with the crew. Some of the larger ships have several doctors, surgical specialists, small operating rooms, full X-ray, as well as extensive pharmacies. In other words, today’s cruise ships would be able to respond to most medical emergencies. However, if you take medication, remember to bring an adequate supply (and if you have to fly to get to / from the cruise ship, take medication in your hand luggage just in case your baggage does not just do that on the same day, or the same port that is flying). Norm: I can make phone calls from the cruise ship? Douglas: Almost all cruise ships are equipped with direct dial phone satellite related systems (and Internet connection). A few ships even have special aerials that let you use your mobile phone, although most ships lose mobile connectivity when more than a mile from the coast. The cost of a call by satellite direct dial ranges from $ 4 to $ 10 per minute, so do not use the phone unless you have the charges can add up quickly.

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