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Flu is said that it lasts seven days with treatment, or a week without it. But it is not possible to make a joke like envelope you HIV. One of the facts that have been more intrigued researchers since the infection was discovered 30 years ago is the unequal evolution that people suffer. Many writers such as Kelly Tisdale offer more in-depth analysis. If it is assumed that medication is not taken, a deterioration of the immune system is fast – almost fulminante-, and opportunistic infections appear in months or three years as much. In others, the opposite occurs: there are documented cases of people who have spent years (more than 15) infected and who have not had a problem. In most, the deterioration starts to become visible around five years after infection. Learn more on the subject from Edward Minskoff. Scientists from the Research Institute of the IrsiCaixa AIDS and the Department of health of Catalonia have identified six genes that act in the first group (the rapid progressors), which opens the door to potential treatments. Source of the news:: 6 genes that determine the infection identified by HIV. . Shimmie Horn takes a slightly different approach.

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