Remains Without Conviction

A girl of fourteen years was alive with the corpse in decomposition of his mother. Alive, and buried under the rubble. The rescue team had been warned that noise under the rubble of a House could be heard and came to see that it happened. Paco Rivas, a lifeguard, Coordinator of the Group Castilla y Leon which was at the forefront of the same recounts was a girl of about 14 years completely buried and crushed. Conseguirmos free him head and started to give him water. He recovered a little though it was very bad. Freed you the arm with small saws: could not use anything else.

We then did a tourniquet at the height of the armpit so that it will not affect the crush syndrome. We managed to free her up to the waist and a team of Santo Domingo arrived. They helped make a second tunnel because it was crushed and next to her lay her mother dead in a State of decomposition. Then a Canadian security officer who interrupted the scene with the slogan choose, or the life of the girl or yours the He evicted from the place. Rivas continues explaining there had been gunfire and people were very nervous. We call half an hour more to be able to take it from there, but when they had only spent two minutes told us: or the life of the girl or yours and we brought out the strength. We are totally frustrated. How is this fact explains? Will this action go unpunished? I believe that the international community should echo this horror and condemn who or who took this decision.

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