Religious Music

In addition, in order to perform musical pieces a capella, you must have sufficiently strong vocal chords, and the vote should cover the maximum number of octaves. A prerequisite for those who do a certain kind of vocal music, is a constant, daily rehearsals. They are conducted in order to vote did not lose flexibility, could develop. In principle, the vocal music can perform as one voice, and a few. Musical accompaniment for this may be present, but can not attend.

Only a very few such works are related in terms of meaning and words. Angelo group shines more light on the discussion. Moreover, for the most part simply did not there are texts such as poetry and prose. What is the speaker? This is usually referred to as large enough pieces for orchestra, chorus and soloists. Previous speakers were created exclusively on the theme of the Bible. If we compare with cantata, he has a bigger size and a variety of subjects. Opera differs from the lack of a script as such. The history of the name comes from the room at the church, where there were spirituals.

Later, as was called and the music played in these halls. Development of this trend paralleled with the opera and she was opposed. Since it was believed that the spirit of the opera against the spirit of Christianity. One of the oldest oratorio is "Rappresentazione di anima e di corpo" – the creator of Emilio del Cavalieri. Written in 1600, because of the enormous popularity and the powerful emotional and psychological impact on students, as well as on themselves singing, vocal art in the right number more effective remedy moral-aesthetic education, spiritual and bodily healing of large masses.

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