After finish the corresponding thing to the acquisition of the building yet, we continued with the stage to make use of our new house. For even more details, read what Albert Einstein College of Medicine says on the issue. This one is perhaps the part more " divertida" , but unfortunately our pocket is going away to continue seeing affected, this time with all the expenses necessary to move our properties. The following are some recommendations very important to obtain that the change is a success. In many sets residential exist norms that prohibits the changes in certain schedules, by such reason we recommended to warn so much to him the administration of the complex, like the renter (if it applies), the date in which you hope to realise his change, with the purpose of to avoid misfortunes as much the entrance of its properties like the exit of the same. Most advisable it is than it realises his change during a weekend, we recommended to him that it begins in the morning in hours, since with this you will have time sufficient to comply and to thus organize his new home. If it has not done it previously, is very important that it knows the sector their new address, identifies the access routes, already place more adapted to unload their properties in the trasteo.

Asegrese that the larger furniture and electric home appliances, has the appropriate dimensions to enter comfortably. A person in average lasts two or three days organizing all properties after a trasteo, if you decide to make it same you must count with time necessary for it. Like part of the preparations of the trasteo, a list with all things elaborates (clothes, electric home appliances, household cook, foods, books, etc.). With this list in hand it comes to verify which of these objects are really necessary, and which can be rejected, or if they are in good S-state being donated.

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