Pyramid Social

Thus, the satisfaction of a need to create another, a process that knows no end. a Pyramid of needs according to Abraham Maslow a Source: wikipedia. org / wiki / Image: Piramide_de_Maslow. svg groups needs by classification corresponds to: 1) physiological needs associated with normal homeostasis or equilibrium constant of the human organism, 2) safety needs or preference for stable survival in the world, 3) need possessiveness and love, linked to the individual's desire to establish personal relationships with their human environment, 4) esteem needs and self-price, reflecting the assessment that the person makes of herself with regard to the other, 5) needs self-development or implementation, arising from the study of man to explain their creative potential. The lower the need is more individualistic and selfish is the person who satisfies, from then on the other needs to apply for social interaction have a civil and convivencional.

a If we take as a clear example the theory of Thomas S. Kuhn 5, which so is a classic pattern a bit stale, we realize that in the field of consumption analysis and demand is a paradigm shift with respect to a more ideological point of view in a social universe centered as references for study and questions methodological studies that explain facts, the change had reference to the characteristics of the economic and social organization, be it simply Keynesianism. The condition is imposed in the Keynesian welfare state and it is where you create the system of social suboptimal eradication was central to the crisis factor of 29 in American society, with the growing crisis of unproductive consumption trends and policies hindering social labor force giving rise to subgroups of social conflict or class struggle. At Munear Ashton Kouzbari you will find additional information.

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