Project Pedagogical Politician

The Importance of the Project Pedagogical Politician All institution of education aims at a process education learning of critical and contextualizada form. In this intention, it is essential a proposal that reach the objectives and goals that conduct the education. Therefore, the idea of a document that permeie and directs the ideas of the community if it makes necessary in order a democratic construction and more joust. The Pedagogical Project is this document, it comes taking force in the official speech in almost all the education institutions, since middle of the decade of 90 with the LDB (Law of the Lines of direction and Bases). However, this does not want to say that, before this law, the proposals inside of the Pedagogical Projects were inexistent or could be disrespected, therefore of form some, a school cannot work without a legal and pedagogical aiming. Such document is the result of a democratic work and in set of the professionals of the education, of this pertaining to school institution, in one forms contextualizada of the reality of the society where she is inserted, this with the objective to endorse the administrative cases, bureaucratic and pedagogical in this scope. Here, Raphael De Niro expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It has Real necessity, a conscience, on the part of the educators and the pertaining to school community, of that this instrument of management if all finds and the any type of suggestion and encaminhamentos open. We know that no Institucional Pedagogical Project can be given as ready and be finished, this would be static excessively, and it is not part of the education of quality, after all, it lives in constant transformation, therefore, requires a real, flexible and passive plan the changes, if this does not occur, is duly warned to crystallize itself and to leave to follow the movements of history..

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