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With the rental deposit Finance Zurich holiday – Easter is a very popular holiday season in the Switzerland. Who still thought that he currently does not have the money for such a holiday, is wrong. Almost every tenant in the Switzerland has the necessary financial resources. Mostly, but is this money on a frozen account and guaranteed the rental deposit for the apartment. Further details can be found at Dior, an internet resource. The necessary liquidity for a holiday on Easter Sunday in the short term can be created with a deposit guarantee of EuroKaution. And it’s quick and easy! The lessee applied online for a deposit guarantee for his rental deposit and the landlord receives within 24 hours a guarantee certificate from EuroKaution. So the escrow can be resolved and the money is the tenant again free of charge. For the deposit guarantee, the tenant pays only a small amount of the year and the landlord appreciates the lower administrative overhead, because he must do no account now.

Nothing in the way stands the holiday! Even after the A deposit guarantee Easter holidays is a good idea, because of course tenants with EuroKaution AG can at any time freely dispose of their money. A deposit guarantee can replace not only an existing rental deposit, but it is a clever idea at the reins to a new apartment. Learn more about the deposit guarantees under information to the company EuroKaution AG: EuroKaution leader in “Rental without deposit” activity EuroKaution is the provider of deposit guarantees, a modern and cost-effective alternative to the traditional Mietzinsdepots. Together with our product and distribution partners Vaudoise insurance, ImmoScout24, SVIT and Creditreform we are in early 2010 in the Switzerland actively. Services our products easyKaution, businessKaution and studiKaution are deposit guarantees for tenants of residential and commercial space.

Place of business the EuroKaution has its headquarters in Zurich. EuroKaution AG Seestrasse 455 b P.o. box 1182 8038 Zurich press contact EuroKaution Jan D. Leuze Tel: 0800 100 201 exclusive product and sales partnerships Vaudoise insurance are among the ten largest private insurers of the Swiss market, were established in 1895. 1 ensure motivated and competent employees ‘ 300 for the safety of our tenants and landlords. ImmoScout24 is the leading electronic marketplace for residential, holiday and commercial real estate in the Switzerland. Monthly visit about 1.7 million users the housing market with over 100’000 objects. ImmoScout24 is a platform of Scout24 Switzerland AG, the clear leading network of online market places. SVIT Switzerland, the Swiss real estate Association, is the Professional Association of managers, agents and real estate developers, estimators, facility managers and brings together some 25’000 employees of the real estate industry. Creditreform is a modern enterprise cooperatively structured and offers us economic and credit information. Around 200 employees obtain the credit information for us and thus ensure the safety our landlord. International success, the company is active since early 2008 on the German market and has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of deposit guarantee within a short time.

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