Priming A Room

Then you'll have a cushion on a long handle – it's convenient for priming of large surfaces. For priming the edges of the floor, if you do not want to mess with the wall, it is more convenient use the brush. To deepen your understanding Edward Minskoff is the source. Primer fit almost any example, priming, or priming the facade of deep penetration. Priming task here is simply to hold together fine particles of concrete, plaster, construction dust, etc. That is – to guard against the spread and accumulation of dust under the linoleum. ear picture of the situation. Therefore, I would not for priming the floor to buy an expensive coat.

Come up and something simpler. D) measured. You can simply measure the area of the room or take measurements, which are listed in the data sheet for an apartment. But it's better to do this: draw a room layout on a sheet of paper. Put down on this plane dimensions – length, width of the room, area; indicate door openings, heating pipes, etc. This plan is useful to us in the next step. 2. buy linoleum.

Best place to buy in specialist shops, where there is a normal sellers to help council deployed linoleum on the floor and help you choose the accessories. Show the seller you draw your room layout and asked for help in choosing. Even if the plan of your room or corridor is very complicated, with bends, a good salesman must advise on what pieces to take to it came out cheaper and easier to use. Some stores may also cut a linoleum on your sizes.

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