Price Of Plots

The cost of such land plots start from 100 thousand rubles. for a hundred on undeveloped land without communications and access road at a distance of 40 -50 km. from Moscow to 300 thousand rubles. per hundred square meters in area in the vicinity of Zelenograd, providing sufficient electric power, road access and a reliable environment. Yes, something outside Moscow residence permit can not do too much, but maybe it makes sense to save Moscow and purchase of land in cht? 1.2. Plots in the current horticultural nonprofit partnerships (SNT). Most sites traditional size – 6 ares. In the partnerships created relatively recently-10.15 years ago there are areas for 8, 10 times and 12 ares.

Usually – the correct form. Category of land – agricultural land, the type of permitted use – for gardening. At these sites may be constructed dwellings without residence registration. Basically, all the associations are electrified, the gasification cases are rare. Most of them They are equipped with electric lines and substations for a long time, so the power released in each plot is small – 5.3 kW, the losses on the lines are great. As a result of not working or breaking down the modern household devices, tools, hard to use electricity for heating purposes, the cost of a kilowatt-hour is too high, about dvuhtarifnoy accounting system power consumption can not be considered. Simple calculation shows that if instead established the voltage – 220 V, resulting in losses on the lines you have 190, the heating electric boiler nameplate capacity of 4 kW produces only 3.0 kW, while paying you anyway 4 kW / h over the counter.

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