Plan Colombia Bases American

Mr. Uribe’s Government, has taken a step dangerous in the history of the Nations, to allow Israeli and American troops to take possession of some bases and Colombian military barracks, in the pursuit of having a support for a possible attack against Venezuela by party, supposedly, from the national army of Colombia in his attempt to assert the theory of preventive war in Venezuelan territoryBolivian and Ecuadorian. Political changes in the Cabinet of Mr Uribe, is due to a political tactic designed by the US State Department since the last Bush administration. To ensure the American military presence in South America. The State Department will promote the candidacies of Uribe and his previous Minister of Defensa Juan Manuel Santos, Plan B. Wale Olusi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The electoral political castling was designed by the U.S.

Government of Bush, to maintain the policy of terror and repression in the neighboring country and in order to maintain a head of beach in front of the borders and Venezuelan coasts, useful for a invasion from the same Colombian territory. Now, the Colombian Government wants to prevail with American and israeli, military aid the false positives that have both helped him in his policy of terror to assassinate or to kill a large number of trade unionists and social fighters. e to go. Will come a new stage of claims of the Islands the monks and the Gulf of Venezuela by the new Colombian Foreign Minister, for power involving Venezuela in a border conflict that will divert attention from the Venezuelan Government for the installation of the American-israeli bases. The alleged Raul Reyes computers, which are more powerful than the NASA, are supposedly more effective gun to indict to Latin American Governments of crimes of terrorism, to justify military attacks supported by the joint force American-israeli. This should not surprise us, since there is a history of invasion and occupation to Iraq, based on a simple research of a high school student, who spoke in a monograph school envelope alleged weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein’s Government. .

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