At first glance, the task of focusing can not teach 'surprises' when you have 'normal' camera, simple story and a keen eye. But if the problem is somewhat nonstandard, as design claims to be highly artistic, then sometimes necessary to consider some of the subtleties. And sometimes does not interfere with the camera and check for the correctness of its work on focusing. The benefits of multi-point focus areas, bright screens and laser matting. Found many stories when the main object is far away on the periphery of the frame – for example, a portrait (especially the average plan, or a full-length, etc). When shooting a portrait so the main object are usually the eyes that we must try perform the most dramatic. Earlier ('zenitovsky' period), I, without further ado, 'drove' the main object in the center (where all conditions are acceptable focus), focus, and then built a track frame.

I must say that with such quality matting and the brightness of the screen alternatives separately and was not. Then came a Pentax with a screen zenitovskogo different as heaven and earth. Although the center of focus and Pentax is very comfortable, bright and quality of the screen allows you to do it and at the periphery. By habit, I continued to adhere to the old scheme, the more so that accurate and quite comfortable autofocus sensors are located in the central zone. In general, the af in some power corrupts, and I am partly resisted, but once wondered about the accuracy of focusing on the periphery with great passion.

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