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What you don’t know and only This is! presented as daily new one. You just repeat what you still can’t. “So comes the knowledge quickly and safely in the head and remains there, too!”, it’s Hertha Baker Mahajan, Managing Director of black labs, to the point. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. The classic AOL learning box developed by her was over 7 million copies sold since the early of 1990s. “The consistent further development is the virtual learning box for the cell phone and now of course the app for the iPhone now”, so Baker Menze.

Black Labs: Software and programs of black Labs was founded in 2009 in the Baden-Wurttemberg Lichtenau. Studymobile goes up in the young start-up companies, serving since 2005 in addition to the technical platform, the Studymobile factory, many finished tutorials for mobile devices (PC, laptop, mobile phone, Smartphone, PlayStation). In addition to free programs to test can directly from the website or downloaded paid in Apple’s app store programs in different Ausfuhrlichkeiten and functionality be. Marketing in Rutesheim in Stuttgart was founded by the diploma in business administration Sylvia Damha 2004 as management consultancy with a focus on background information to Damha marketing Damha marketing. Customers receive everything from a single source from marketing consulting to implementation, of the marketing concept to the training. In addition to the classic direct marketing, a particular focus of the marketing consultancy on the online media. Especially with the topics of search engine marketing, Internet design and email marketing.

In addition, Sylvia Detzel has several lecturer in marketing at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg. To find more information about the company and its services, on the Internet at. Your press contact Sylvia Damha Damha marketing Dornier str. 9 71277 Rutesheim phone: 07152 358182 fax: 03222 3777662 E-Mail: is an archive of texts, images, logos for download available: service/index.html

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The Multi-million Starts!

The world publishing AG is a corporation registered in the commercial register, which has to guarantee special due diligence obligations to their shareholders, customers and business partners. Also you have tried already a lot in life the situation maybe, to earn more money, or to earn in order to allow a better life for yourself and the family a windfall. Perhaps you belong to those who have tried with great hopes and great personal and financial commitment in vain in the MLM, insurance agent, vacuum cleaner seller or a game system? There are business ideas enough, so the impression, if you believe the countless ads in the daily newspapers, free city magazines or the offerings to make money on the Internet. But closer looks at these offers this exceptional turn out to be\”main or part-time business opportunities as offers from network companies or distributors of structure, where as first so-called starter or entry packages purchased need to be. Read additional details here: Jorge Perez. Then products will be sold then, which are usually explained and can be only me banned salvation statements or foul handle methods to the clientele…

And then usually one remains the dream of the so-called passive income if it is not possible to generate the necessary qualifications or to pay. Academy of Art University will not settle for partial explanations. So the opportunity costs usually more than it brings. Was that not what you were looking for, then sure or? While not the initial investment is normally the problem, because everyone is aware that the entry into a serious independence is not free to have. But who would like to be lured with full-bodied words in a business in which the account is ultimately always empty as full? As the main reason for this bitter experience, the hollow promises of trained sales staff, using for the uninitiated of attacking so-called compensation oder are mostly career plans. It would be interesting, not also for you a To learn, in which from the outset with open cards played, where from the outset all costs and earning potential are clearly described so that everybody immediately can make a commercial calculation for himself from the when the investments may have paid for and are like the own earning potential is obvious, business? The world publishing AG offers an alternative that world publishing AG offers a turnkey approach (similar to the franchise, but not with this horrendous entry cost and ongoing sales taxes), with the marketing software with a database-driven publishing products and marketing licenses using various online portals and thus generates high cancellation-free commissions.

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World Publishing

Thus, the world publishing AG opened a new professional challenge for all those who want to professionally reorient or find even a complete new self-employment, especially independent sales representatives in the area of sales, direct sales, network marketing, MLM and others. Who is that World Publishing AG? The world publishing AG is a corporation registered in the commercial register, which has to guarantee special due diligence obligations to their shareholders, customers and business partners. The company is in Central of Austria, located near the city of Salzburg and active mainly in the countries of Austria and Germany due to its central location within Europe. A European expansion is planned from 2009. Corporate objective is to gain dominant market share through high-quality publishing products in defined business areas. Jorge Perezs opinions are not widely known. The world publishing company provides distribution partners in online commerce, marketing of the license and the classic direct sales, a new financial existence on an independent basis, with which you can act full-time from the first day. Getting started is easy also part-time possible. Through the diverse business fields the world publishing AG is well-positioned in the publishing industry, the growing online trade in license marketing and the classic in four markets of billions Direct sales.

Due to special publication obligations, the quarterly results are published quarterly in appropriate media. For the current business year 2008 expects sales of around 20 million euros. The company fields of AG world publishing are producing exclusive print CD DVD and film production production of economic and success reports development and operation of database-based online portals development of online training Sund training systems trading with books from commercial and successful genre creation and development of affiliate you need no Office programs and no employees, must switch on no expensive ads, you need to sell any products, which no one wants to have to visit no gossip events and you must also not ring when your neighbors and hold dubious product parties.

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Acne Cures

You’re excited, that has been waiting for this day for weeks.You have all the details planned from what will be wearing to the themes that will speak.So happens days before the much-anticipated date, acne.The excitement and expectation that had replaced now by the concern and fear. No matter if it is only a grain, or a hundred of small black spots.Millions of people around the world who suffer from acne can confirm that even the smallest of imperfections in the skin can affect how you feel about yourself and how you look. Here are some home treatments that will help you eliminate acne quickly the first solution is to use lemons.As crazy as it sounds of citrus in them a natural destroyer of bacteria.It is, basically, apply the juice of lemon for acne scars area and kills bacteria and begins the healing of the skin.For best results apply before going to sleep, and in the tomorrow, wash the area of the lemon was with clean water. This method has been very effective for me, reducing the amount of scars that had, and not only in the facial area, but also other areas such as the neck another great acne scars cleaning technique is using cocoa and shea butter.This product was developed in Africa, and has numerous uses, one of them a cream leather and perfume.There is no scientific evidence that is going to eliminate acne facial scars, but to investigate the product a lot of people have commented that they had seen a significant improvement after using it with small acne scars. Basically, these butter products, may be placed in any affected area scar. Producing a cure fast to your acne problem, best thing is try it in an area with lower amount of acne prior to the use of facial acne scars that are big.The reason is so that you do not have a side effect or irritation of the skin you may think that it is the end of the world, but does not suspend the date still.You still have time to fix his acne problem.There goes the best way that has to get rid of acne fast.

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The Consortium

Currently there are guides with their rescue dogs, I’m officially formed, evaluated and certified under the training methodology / Intervention Chest, in: Chile Fire, Fire from El Salvador, Colombia National Police, Police Huamantla (Mexico) , Fire Ushuaia (Argentina) and Spain: Fire Consortium Cadiz, Cordoba City Fire Department, Fire Hall Fire Consortium Cordoba and Huelva (Canine teams of these four bodies, which are well integrated and are activated by the Organization of United Firefighters Without BUSF Borders), Fire City of Granada, Seville City Fire (Unity pioneer formed in 1996), Fire Hall Malaga, Madrid City Council Fire, Fire Consortium Guadalajara Huelva Fire Consortium, Consortium of Alicante Fire, Fire Hall Valladolid (Dog Team of the Body which is also integrated and active through GEBOCYL Organization, Group of Specialists Fire Castile Leon).

Furthermore, to date, I have trained and officially certified as Technical Director and General Instructor numerous guides and / or official instructors in Disaster Rescue Dog Method Chest, specialists who have witnessed the unique effectiveness of Method Chest, 84 selected institutions (Police, Fire, Army, Civil Defense and Red Cross) from a total of 17 countries affected by some level of seismic risk. These official certificates of approval for operation and search and rescue in collapsed structures, for guides, instructors, or Rescue Dogs are always issued in compliance with official regulations Method Chest, officially credited behind the relevant prerequisites, courses and exceeded regulatory respective relevant assessments, and carrying them out, officially, by the relevant government institutions and have been for example: Public Safety Division of the Ministry of Interior of Chile, Ministry of Interior of El Salvador, Ministry of Government of Ecuador, Colombia Ministry of Defense, Ministry of National Emergency by the President of the Republic of Paraguay …. . .

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World Cup Fixtures Named Desire Free To Download

The Higlight of the World Championship for every football fan in not even 3 months ruled again in Germany King soccer. High time to prepare well for the games. Who wants to miss a game at the World Cup in South Africa, the World Cup fixtures offered free for download by is just right. The World Cup fixtures can be original to personalize on the Internet: the football form in a number of the previously entered request name. For football fans: Personalized football calendar that is still not enough, there’s also personalized football calendar.

By its freely selectable start month this is possible all year round. Each month shows a football motif, the desired name is inserted in the photorealistic. Whether personalized playground, personal team T-shirt or name lettering at the stadium every motive makes the calendar. Businesses: There are personalized football advertising company also football advertising, which is a very allows for personal and individual approach. Verschickbare image-personalized game or appropriate as a give-away, small format notched game plans in credit-card size are especially as postage-optimised mailing in addition to personalised football calendars.

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Ambassador Of New Sailing Trade Drive In

Fair transport – with the schooner Brig “Tres Hombres” Tres Hombres is the first representative of the “new sailing trade voyage” and is a sustainable company: fair transport – freight transport without emissions, optimal use of wind energy, job opportunities, team building, unit with the elements and satisfaction of the crew and the business partners involved. As long as ocean winds blow there is work for sailing ships – it would be almost outrageous not to use them. The future of sailing trade drivers should be anything other than a copy of the past. Rather, the model presents itself transport as a new trend fair. It is the innovative way of transport of goods by means of wind energy. The constantly rising price of oil and the environmental damage will make the choice for the transport with sailing ships always easer.

And the travel Gets a different priority again. According to fair trade fair now also transport. Transport from A to B without C02 in a continuously changing society creates the need for development and sustainable behaviors. Fairtransport stands as initial employer for this development with the sustainable freight shipping industry and has become a global market leader. The innovative, ecological Ecoliner navigate the seas of the open markets, where customers are convinced and can identify with the point of view of the FairTransport. FairTransport is a commercial company that advises the customer in addition to the own moral principles and values, and does significant business: accountability passion idealism forward-looking views these values apply to both internal as well as external contacts.

Sustainability in the transportation, the environment and the transported goods. This means high quality with fair transport. This ecological alternative of sailing trade drive offers many advantages as a commercial concept: despite rising prices for oil and diesel a favourable and fair way of transportation (determining cost of goods) fair to the environmental fair our children to the probate and proven way of sailing transportation causes from the concept out a direction in the innovative and revolutionary for today’s times. Fair transport includes the whole causal chain. Starting with the development, financing and construction of chartering, management and routing of the vessel all is itself organized. This can be operated very responsible, environmentally friendly and competitive. marevent / Sandra Klein

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San Louis Potosi

But the highest standards are always recorded in the processing and freezing and further developed to meet the current hygiene regulations and continuously increasing the efficiency. This upward trend the A510 seamlessly. The A510 is easy to operate, clean and maintain. The knife can be sanded without Assembly work directly on the machine and cleaned with just a few hand movements. The ergonomics of the machine, a lower shaft and a good amount of the outlet Strip, the handling of the machine make pleasant. The touch screen with colored LCD display is clearly structured and allows the intuitive ease of use even for non trained personnel. Type of the cutting material, number of disks, number of servings, fan spacing and form of filing can be define variable and simply set the menu in advance. The integration of weighing in the cutting and portioning process much faster workflows.

This is a great advantage for our production”, says Ramsay. Because also Bizerba is a traditional family-owned company, we are pleased that can traditional philosophies and technologies do not bite, but in contrast to a strong whole complement each other”, concluded to Gmelin. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. The company’s headquarters, the approximately 3,100 employees preoccupied is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

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About United

Also the new iPad filled Intrexx with enterprise applications in the blink of an eye. For this, the user need any programming knowledge: the applications are quite composed of prefabricated modules just by drag and drop. The technical implementation and the specific requirements of the different types of smartphone (such as bandwidth or sliding effects), Intrexx cares by alone. Also data from existing software systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) can be brought in this way on the phone quickly and easily. According to manufacturer data, a complete enterprise can be made portal mobile in a few days. A mobile example portal with more than 30 ready-made applications included is included to give an idea of customers. So, management and employees outside the Office at all times have access to all important data and documents of the company. Field staff can retrieve the latest customer data still on the way to the customer conversation, supervisors can approve the leave request of employee from home or check an invoice.

Intrexx license costs remain constant in spite of powerful new features. The cost of a user license for Intrexx professional continue to 105 euro per user, so no more than a good book. A run-time license, which allows the use of an application for unlimited users, 1,940 euros. For more information about Intrexx 5 Professional and interested in find all the new features per. About United planet that German software company United planet GmbH has over 2,000 installations of its portal software Intrexx alone in the German-speaking countries and more than 100,000 successfully implemented Web applications to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administrations and organisations. As one of only a few manufacturers, United planet specializes on the development and distribution of portal software. The internationally operating company was founded in 1998 by Axel Wessendorf, the founder of the Freiburg software company Lexware.

His experience from the construction of one of Europe’s most successful software houses and the philosophy developed by him for both companies an easy-to-use and low-cost Software solution for complex topics form the basis for the success of United planet. With its award-winning, industry-neutral standard software Intrexx let portals with advanced functionality faster to create Web applications, intranets and enterprise than with comparable tools. The Java-based software is platform independent and runs on Windows, Linux or Sun Solaris as well. Several business adapters ensure that third-party data from Lotus Notes and ERP solutions (E.g. SAP) can easily be integrated into the portal. An Office adapter also allows to organize documents, without having to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS). Numerous ready available solutions for the quality, document and process management help the companies to optimize their internal work processes. Several thousand companies across Europe already will optimize their business processes with Intrexx and thus benefit from immense cost savings. More information under

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BAV Against Poverty In Old Age

What you should do today to be unaffected in the age the Handelsblatt writes in an article by the 18.3.2010, that workers in Germany their right to occupational pensions take (bAV) much to little avail. A study of Accountants of KPMG revealed that the current occupational pensions is by no means sufficient to secure a decent standard of living together with the statutory pensions (source AP). Overall, only modest 2.75% of the income of an average earner flow in the year in the bAV. This occupational pensions must play (bAV) in the future an elementary role in reducing the risk of poverty in old age. The businesses have recognized the essential importance of occupational retirement provision for social security in the age though the average contribution level is sufficient but still rear and front not to ensure adequate protection in the age. What to do if employees prove bAV-muffle? Different systems of the bAV’s success depends on their respective structure. While in Germany most systems are based on that of workers bAV actively selects (opting in) a procedure is common in the United States, initially every worker is included in the, unless he is expressly contrary to (opt out).

This procedure is also possible according to local labor law and experts already argue for greater dissemination of opting models in the bAV also in Germany. Could reach including employee groups, which hardly take part in the bAV. Change of VN to AVL the reductions in social security contributions and the possibility of successive taxation make manageable the net savings investment for the bAV for the workers. Often it is worth savings contributions, which previously flowed into the capital-forming payments (VL) – savings, to invest in the future in the bAV and AVL therefore (Altersvermogenswirksame services) perform-Sparen. The main benefits for the workers are in the transition to AVL, that he compared to the VL-saving at a high net income achieved a significantly higher savings contribution can. For the employer, the benefit is also in terms of saving a portion of social security contributions. He could grant a higher subsidy to the AVL as the VL so if necessary – without financial burdens – workers. A bAV in your company can help the introduction or change specialized bAV – lawyers, as well as with the concept of an “opting” model or changing VL to AVL. Contact: Law firm said Zahir farmer 8 81539 Munchen Tel. 089 – 54 89 92 52 mobile 0170-68 81 52 8 Fax 089-54 89 92 53 E-mail: in cooperation with: FourTrust – lawyers for the right of pension

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