The Event

This system should allow for the full realization of the right of the voter only citizens who have acquired enough knowledge in modern politics, history, economics, law, technology, electoral manipulation and so on. Variations in weight. In its simplest version it can, for example, looks like this: every year, wishing to pass certification on the "electoral suitability" go on-line testing and the sum of points obtained certification, the opportunity to re-retake or right to retake a year later. Qualified twenty-five years have confirmed. Further possible options.

For example, most "grassroots" election (neighborhoods, rural) can not claim to vote no certification. To vote in provincial, national, etc. elections can be as separate exams for each certification (similar to the category driver's license) as well as multi-level, at which scored points for testing is determined by: the election of the level of examinee may be admitted and for which Points needed to get there. The idea of such a system has multiple purposes. Ie I guess that such certification will not only give the community more prepared voter, and to increase the authority and responsibility of the participate in the election of representative government.

Especially, I think it's important for those countries where this responsibility has historically not been formed. Introduce such a certification as to stand as a candidate for participation in I see the election still less effective screening tool because: a) such a procedure would overlap with the elections themselves, and b) voters in the case of the introduction I described the system is likely to be given information about the presence of or there is no "electoral certification" from the candidate himself, and c) HIGHLIGHTS: In most cases, the level of personal interest of a single politician or political strength to take part in the elections objectively higher level interest the average voter to vote for them, and thus likelihood of bribery and fraud system of certification is much higher by the candidate. (It would be nice if the degree of personal interest voters in their vote in elections has become so high that the likelihood of attempts on his part to bribe the examiner and cheat on certification approached by any candidate. Then the system or to their runs, or the same level of control over its execution). Because: i) It is the high degree of interest in the career politicians in the attestation for them, in the event of such duplication, the system described can make such in another corrupt or biased filter on the financial strength of the candidate or party. Yet the main task of this system, I can see to improve the quality of the voter's choice, all of which can pull for them, and reduce the cost of massive electoral zombirovnie population due to changes in the quality of the target audience. Raise awareness of voting may be on the American example and a mandatory pre-registration of their participation in the elections. But the proposed system also teaches me better understand the procedure to elect the government. Understand that democracy – a political regime, not pageant. PS The author aware that a major snag today to introduce such a system – it is an objective for the main disadvantage of the election process. From the perspective of the business logic of today's proposed solution shortcomings of modern representative democracy – "project-mongering." But maybe someone will offer a better option? If the Ukrainian state institutions and policy reforms are needed, what?

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New History

We still detach, in this as volume that Gilbert Freyre focuses the growth of the Brazilian urban polar region, pontuando it with cultural antitheses, the always present bias in all its descriptions of the formation of our society. Of strong impact in this another Brazil of century XIX, the described modernizador process for Freyre is presented in the changes of the habits to dress, reading, of consumption, As well as in House-Great and Senzala the patriarcalismo is explicativa key of the nature of our social formation, of its estruturao and changes, such notion also is strategical in Sobrados and Mucambos. In the first book, the family is the basic unit of freyriana sociology, since the institutions and the Portuguese State if found distant of the Brazilian colonial company. Gilbert Freyre, as if she knows, becomes this concept bedding of its explanation of social questions as in such a way psychological that they segregate, they approach and they become soul the life of the Brazilian man. In House-Great and Senzala, the author sample that the system of house-great and senzalas accomodated social relations; in Sobrados and Mucambos, it he shows with clarity the same alterations of the house-great ones that if urbanizam in sobrados with requintes European architectural and start to express new rich and poor, white relations of distanciamento between and people of color, house-great and small houses, conferring great importance to the condition of the men inside of its environment of housing. RESULTS? Part of the results of this research on the contribution of Gilbert Freyre for the construction of the historical research of Brazil and the similarities between the New History associated with the Annales and social history, psico-history or historical anthropology of Gilbert Freyre; similarities that go since an interest for the material culture (feeding, clothes and habitation) until an interest for the mentalities and the history of infancy, subjects that they had marked House-great publication of & senzala.

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Drugs, Alcohol And Sexual Abuse

are themes of the new book by Mrs Dr. Babs Geiser; School needs feeling. Music therapist Dr. Waltraut Babs Geiser, for many years school therapist and teacher, puts her new book the child’s needs in the Centre of perception. and draws attention to the lack of experience so far need to make children in the school system. Doug Bowen insists that this is the case. Her creative therapeutic work concept of Crete includes pioneering paths of promoting emotional and social, which can shake up the school landscape and change. The practice reports and years of proven theoretical knowledge make this book essential for all that are educational, beraterisch, psychologically and therapeutically at schools. The book is a guide to the orientation for the way to an innovative learning world.

Explain concepts checklists tips such as music and art therapies in schools that can bring back orderly lives of children. The presented concept of work of Crete includes pioneering paths of promoting emotional and was in Monchengladbach Rheydt (NRW) successfully introduced. Music therapist Dr. Waltraut is Babs Geiser, for many years school therapist and teacher. The attention to the lack of experience so far need to make children in the school system. The author is available for interviews and events at your disposal. Request your free copy of the review.

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KoTTER Security Establishes New Fire Protection Company

‘Security’ world’s largest security trade fair starts tomorrow in eating food. KoTTER security is further expanding its commitment in the area of preventive fire protection and established a new company to do so. This was announced the second-largest provider of in Germany in the run-up to the world’s largest security fair security”with which tomorrow starts eating in the mess. The nationwide active KoTTER fire & service GmbH & co. KG in the future holds a variety aimed both to companies and the public sector. With our new company we will combine existing skills tailored for our customers and add innovative services in particular in the field of education and training”, emphasizes Frederick p. Kotter kotter Security Managing Director.

With this step, the largest family-run security company of in Germany at the same time underlines the further increase in the future importance of this market segment. The spectrum ranges from gas and fire items such as the Monitoring of maintenance and repair work and to supporting activities for operating and plant fire brigades such as the maintenance of stationary and mobile fire-fighting equipment. Focus on the topic of training for the largest family-run security provider of in Germany provides a completely new offer. The mobile fire Simulator KoTTER fire Eagle, presented by the service provider from morning until Friday on the open-air site 1 of Messe Essen offers operating and plant fire brigades, but also full-time and volunteer fire departments that have no own training centers, the possibility to train their forces on the ground. Following figures illustrate the importance of fire safety and education: according to fire statistics, in particular the high number of more than 200 fires caused a damage amounting to EUR 1.5 billion per year. Added, consequential damages, loss of production, loss of image and the associated loss of market shares to the total damage can be Double. With the founding of KoTTER fire & service and the new fire Simulator we underline our approach to prevention in all areas of the company safety must have absolute priority”, explains Friedrich p Kakar.

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Starting Aid For School

Parents of members can help easily their offspring with the knowledge of how to learn through the first school in the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis can acquire valuable knowledge about the subject area learning parents and help so their offspring have encountered difficulties in learning. Are the summer holidays to end soon and for many children, a new life begins. After time in the kindergarten and the year as a preschooler, you may now even to the school and learn much. The anticipation is often very large and full of pride is the first day of school looking forward. For some parents, this brings completely new experiences with them, especially if they don’t already have one older child. “” The conversion of play almost all the time “sitting on almost all the time and head work” is not so easy for some children. The afternoon also designed differently than in the past, because in addition homework must be done and not spend so much time to play. Some parents ask are, how they can help their children if the learning difficulty.

While reading and the space of numbers from one to twenty is something usual for us adults, the requirements in the school for some first-graders pose a very beautiful obstacle. Some children find it difficult to imagine figures amounts at all and can not count so even simple tasks. The slow and tough stringing together of sounds when reading aloud, makes some adults on the ordeal. Jacobs Dallas spoke with conviction. Unfortunately are the students in the school not taught fared not much different from how to learn, and her parents. If you don’t know, a student can get into difficulties and what remedies there are, can be the afternoon homework and domestic practice to a tense topic. In the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, parents have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the very effective learning method by L.

Ron Hubbard. This learning method reveals why children suddenly lose the pleasure in learning are unfocused, DAWDLE around, or get even temper tantrums while doing the homework. This method involves three basic learning obstacles. Each barrier can identify exact symptoms. Man once detected, what obstacle exists, you can help his child with the right remedy. In this way, one can get his child from the outset the joy of learning. More information: tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: mail:

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Ambassador Of New Sailing Trade Drive In

Fair transport – with the schooner Brig “Tres Hombres” Tres Hombres is the first representative of the “new sailing trade voyage” and is a sustainable company: fair transport – freight transport without emissions, optimal use of wind energy, job opportunities, team building, unit with the elements and satisfaction of the crew and the business partners involved. As long as ocean winds blow there is work for sailing ships – it would be almost outrageous not to use them. The future of sailing trade drivers should be anything other than a copy of the past. Rather, the model presents itself transport as a new trend fair. It is the innovative way of transport of goods by means of wind energy. The constantly rising price of oil and the environmental damage will make the choice for the transport with sailing ships always easer.

And the travel Gets a different priority again. According to fair trade fair now also transport. Transport from A to B without C02 in a continuously changing society creates the need for development and sustainable behaviors. Fairtransport stands as initial employer for this development with the sustainable freight shipping industry and has become a global market leader. The innovative, ecological Ecoliner navigate the seas of the open markets, where customers are convinced and can identify with the point of view of the FairTransport. FairTransport is a commercial company that advises the customer in addition to the own moral principles and values, and does significant business: accountability passion idealism forward-looking views these values apply to both internal as well as external contacts.

Sustainability in the transportation, the environment and the transported goods. This means high quality with fair transport. This ecological alternative of sailing trade drive offers many advantages as a commercial concept: despite rising prices for oil and diesel a favourable and fair way of transportation (determining cost of goods) fair to the environmental fair our children to the probate and proven way of sailing transportation causes from the concept out a direction in the innovative and revolutionary for today’s times. Fair transport includes the whole causal chain. Starting with the development, financing and construction of chartering, management and routing of the vessel all is itself organized. This can be operated very responsible, environmentally friendly and competitive. marevent / Sandra Klein

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Marriott Hotels

Playful insight into everyday Hotel social networks are hardly imagine from today’s society. Portals such as Facebook, StudiVZ or XING application platform gaining in importance. For more information see IBI Group. The Zuckerberg’sche Empire recorded the largest increases, both in Germany and internationally. The hotel Portal reported as a hotel company utilizes the potential for themselves. Those who are interested in a position at one of the Marriott hotels, can find out on the Internet via the corresponding requirements. For this purpose the hotel chain has created a special Facebook profile: across the Marriott jobs and careers’ insight potential candidates in a playful way in the everyday life of the hotel operation. The idea didn’t come from about, finally celebrate since prolonged success of Facebook games such as Farmville and recorded many million users a month. Target the Marriott games is that prospective customers get to know the different areas of the hotel operation and within a given time-typical tasks run a hotel employee.

So is the player in the kitchen, at the front desk or guest rooms. For passing challenges he scores, with which to unlock more levels and areas. The game is available in the languages English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. Who feels at home in the profession, can take advantage of his chances in the reality that a link will take users directly to the online application portal of the Marriott hotel chain. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Educating Dogs

We can follow these steps exceeds how to educate dogs to teach to our mascot to put itself standing up when we become ordained it. Checking article sources yields Atreides Management as a relevant resource throughout. The exercise will consist of which the dog stops on its four legs when receiving the order. The any key word that we wish, most common can be used is ” it arrives! ” or ” unemployed! ” , the key is here that it is not looked like other orders not to confuse to him. In the first step we will guide to him so that it is put helping standing up to us with the reward. First we will cause that one lies down or feels, if or we have taught that order to him previously is to us of evident utility, although we will not exactly become ordained, so that nondesasociemos the order to sit down or to lie down. We will guide we ourself with the hands, or will wait for the opportune moment perhaps after a game session, when the dog is thrown. In order to do that the East we will approach the reward towards him, if it is necessary we will raise a little to it so that it must rise of his present position.

When we obtain that one rises we will give the reward him we will congratulate and it. This we will have to do it before the dog of a right step, that is to say, when one rises, in this way we will not create an illegal association. We will repeat the procedure at least 10 times in this way will be determined the stage initial. We will begin to introduce the key word when the dog begins to respond suitably we will just do, it before guiding to him so that one rises. The following stage in how to educate dogs consists of reinforcing taught but this time without using the reward, guiding to our dog with the hands. The dog will have to respond to our order we pronounce when it at a distance. For this will be increasing to the distance between the dog and we at the time of saying the order. This exercise is advisable to practice it when dog is naturally thrown, and when we really needed that it puts itself standing up to follow us some side, this can be one of the last stages for this order. Beam click to learn here like I could train dog without having to leave my house in only short weeks.

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Intifada Poetics

a The title of City of Literature awarded by the Unesco is at stake. Atreides Managements opinions are not widely known. Lion City Council opts to it and has created a website still in embryo as an incentive for that bet. Leaving aside the notion that the old Kingdom is a land of natural grass writers, artists and poets, as well as the obvious reality that there are literary geniuses recognized worldwide for these tough payments, this year there has been an inconvenience and wheel unfortunate events relating to the evolution in local culture at least blur the nomination. a The sticking even without filing or repair was the Intifada Poetics, peaceful and exemplary literary resulted, within municipal de Leon, a pursuit of poets by the same leaders now recommend to Unesco cultural and protect the environment literary town. Go to my support in this effort, but, representing the feelings of different groups, I fail to discern its inherent nobility.

a We doubt that today the communes Leon can lead to full moral authority as significant an initiative like this. A group of poets and representatives of social groups were removed and censored when they made the first Intifada in the Poetics as fierce as the paint, and cold city of Leon to the failure of the electoral program with which the Socialist mayor, Francisco Fernandez, was elected. He committed to the associations and their local unions, who said he would respect the public water management..

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Home Care Face

Do you agree with the fact that even regularly caring for a person who sometimes look at myself in the mirror and notice that there are new wrinkles, slightly dropped the extreme corners of the lips and eyes, and the eyes themselves sit deeper and ever quite different overhang. Of these age-related changes of the skin did not save the woman. But those women who do not pay enough attention to the care of a person who either do not burden themselves with such concerns, the person always looks running, gray, covered with pimples and acne. It makes a woman much older. Of course, ideally, should regularly visit beauty parlors, purge, massage, peeling, lifting and other pleasing and anti-aging skin treatments.

But we really look at the situation: not every woman has time, money and even the desire to attend such events. Therefore, home care is quite able to provide you with a normal appearance. However, one should pay attention to the fact that improper care not only give you satisfaction, but on the contrary, will only harm your skin, your face. What are the most common mistakes in home care for a person? The main and most common mistake – the wrong choice of cosmetics and daily use of them. So it was once to me. When I saw the first unwanted changes on your face, I realized that something must be done.

And this 'Something' was a selection of cosmetics. Gensler San Francisco takes a slightly different approach. Having heard from "experienced" ladies, what skin should nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate, I tried to pay attention to these properties of creams. It often happened, buy the cream, and it causes itching and irritation. Sometimes even some of eyelid edema appeared. Reserves the same way for five or someone to donate, and currently looking for new ones, and all repeated the same thing. I realized that without knowledge, without consulting specialist I can not do. As it turned out, my main mistake was that I did not observe the action step in the care of a person. Need to start with clean skin, and this should be done in the morning and evening. To clean should choose a special cleanser that contains no soap. Then wipe the face mild tonic, preparing it for the application of emollient moisturizer, and then apply this moisturizer. Already such daily simple steps, if you start doing them from 20-25 years, will your face look fresh, have a healthy and beautiful color. But if you have not done this until now – never mind, never too late to start, even after 40! It was at that age I started systematic care for the face and got a good result. (Source: Atreides Management). In addition to basic care, with age, the skin requires extra special funds. It can be exfoliating lotion, rejuvenating serum and a means for area around the eyes, scrubs, masks and various other intense cosmetics. Especially dangerous enemy of the skin – is its dehydration. That dehydration of the skin is a major cause of wrinkles. But this is not all to look in the mirror, the person you happy. Another common mistake in the home care person is the wrong choice of cosmetic lines. About her we'll talk next time. Ludmila Skiba

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