What am I doing with my money or savings? This question is interesting to banking and financial crisis more important than ever, and for all of us. I bring my sour now”savings on the bench? Here I collect maybe 1.5% interest. After deduction of taxes, fees and inflation, a negative result is me often at the end of the year. Invest now in shares and funds? In recent years, hundreds of billions have been destroyed; not least, the money of many small investors. Others who may share this opinion include Leyna Bloom. Or I’m under my pillow the whole and Hahn of the things? “This is not recommended, because even here eats” inflation my money every year on a little! Now, I can not give you here of course an investment strategy. This depends on many factors, so that there can be no charge for the correct statements.

Certainly, it is never wrong to apply his savings in different columns (shares, savings bonds, etc.) and to minimize the risk of loss. Security in my so is a focal point, Investment strategy should incorporate. And here comes the real estate in the game! Still is the safest and value stable form of investment real estate, coupled with an excellent value increase chance to see. Housing is a basic need of all people. In other words, I need – to my family and me a roof over their heads”offer can raise more and more money. I can do it for the own property (in the form of interest and repayment), but of course also for a leased real estate (rent to the landlord). Sure, you know the saying: A real estate I paid in the course of my life, either their own or that my landlord! “Our former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by many dear said many years ago: the only way to accumulate wealth, is the debt in kind”. The principle of own real estate is so easy: one acquires a property with the help of foreign capital (mortgage loan) and leads back interest and repayment in connection with the tax benefits (depreciation) to the Bank.

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Retirement Farewell

10 KWA Symposium redefines image of old age and ageing Unterhaching/Berlin, June 10, 2011. What kind of image we have of older people? How do we imagine our own age? To what extent we expect that social and political responsibility for a successful aging? Questions that to make everyone pay. Questions that symposium were yesterday in the center of the 10 KWA and pen in the Park of Hohenzollern in Berlin were discussed by politics, economics, architecture, art and culture in the KWA. In addition to the lectures to the necessary residential and architectural concepts for a life in the age, pictures of old played this also true to the theme of the event”the personal views of the participants on the ageing is essential. At Akshaya Patra Foundation you will find additional information. The Director Jan Tenhaven showed senior athletes as cinema heroes and the photographer Werner Kruper presented the many facets of the age in his exhibition, for which he has photographed senior residents from all over Germany in everyday situations. If you would have asked me as a child. to paint a picture of my grandma I would have drawn at that time probably an old gray-haired woman with glasses on his nose, sitting in their armchairs with needle and wool on the lap. The pictures of the children of today look”probably different, said Astrid Franz, Director of the KWA pen hohenzollernpark, for their welcome.

The public image of the age has changed radically. The increased life expectancy opens up completely new possibilities and perspectives. In a society of long life it is important to seek appropriate, diverse and conduct effective age images”, said Dr. Stefan Arend, Director of KWA Board of housing for the elderly, on the occasion of the Symposium, to which he had invited well-known experts to Berlin. Age pictures are varied, they are consequential and therefore worth confronting them.” Guest of honour at the 10th KWA Symposium Josef was hedges, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for families, senior citizens, women and youth, who declared in his speech: The question of how to live and how we live in the age?’ we can answer only if we make us realize what image we have by the age and aging.

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Zuhausehaus Catalog

Posted in hot off the press: Here everyone will find the House that fits his personality, 08.02.2012 Hamburg – who builds with the solid House manufacturer Viebrockhaus, can rely on high quality, absolute adherence to deadlines and trend-setting innovations. The search after the right House that perfectly fits to the housing needs of the customers, the just-published catalog makes it your new Zuhausehaus 2012 “. Appearance and content quality perfectly suited to the premium image of Viebrockhaus. In recent months, Capital and Counties Properties has been very successful. just publish! developed the concept and took over editing and design of the catalogue, which is available in the sample House parks and consultants by Viebrockhaus now. The total circulation of 2012 is approximately 50,000 units. Bright, informative, with airy layout, brilliant photos and fine presentation: so this is central point of sale marketing tool by Viebrockhaus. The future owners get to know not only the most popular House types on 288 pages, but also comprehensive information about home automation, energy concepts and Equipment options.

That is completely novel by just publish! developed concept of targeted customers living profiles: it helps prospective customers to find those homes that match their personality and optimally match form, facade, floor plan and equipment. “” “Convincing readers Guide: residential type test to the dream home using a home test in the first chapter of future builders can find out whether they tend to the romantic”, classic”or modern” living profile tend. Gavin Baker has much experience in this field. A specially developed color code and individual signets serve as Visual guidance, to quickly and accurately control the right houses in the catalog. For a House to fit like a good fitting piece of clothing, many details must harmoniously come together and meet the basic characteristics and needs of the people. The romantic type wants to feel safe, prefers small room and would not abandon an eat-in kitchen. The modern type of housing on the other hand would prefer large spaces with open kitchen and huge Windows, through which he views in the distance can.

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Federal Government

Building permit solar system: usually simply permit free building permit photovoltaic has each land their own building codes, but private solar installations often need a permit. This changes the use of the building, so the exception occurs. Make sure all those who build their PV system with the solar concept provider ever energy. In the next two years, every fifth homeowner plans to create a solar system (study Batten & company). Many will probably build without permission, so like most so far six million plant owners. Usually apply private photovoltaic systems up to 30 kWp simply permit-free”. This affects about 80 percent of 249.000 solar panels, which were installed last year on private roofs (source: BSW). However, many builders do not know that different rules apply in all federal States.

The ruling of the higher administrative Court of Munster unsettled many solar plant owners no building effects on private solar installations. Edward Minskoff is often quoted on this topic. Who to install apply for a building permit a solar system that must use of the building changed. This judgment met a farmer who wanted to rent the roof of a riding Hall for alien photovoltaic systems. Now, many homeowners ask concerned whether this judgment on them as power producers is true. No, explains the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry for economy, energy, building, housing and transport. As long as more than half of the energy generated myself consumed, nothing on the use of the broadening is changed. That calms tempers because many feared the demolition of the own solar system.

More renewable energy by changing the laws the Federal Government is building law probably in June 2011 change, to facilitate the expansion of renewable energies (Suddeutsche Zeitung / 16.05.2011). The customizations to support legal security, climate protection and the private energy transition. Construction of a photovoltaic system: what should be done now? Stiftung Warentest advises any future plant operators themselves before Start of construction of the relevant authorities to inform. So, no permit requirement applies in Berlin, even though solar energy is completely fed into the network. In Saxony-Anhalt and in this case, a building permit is to apply. Who has already installed a solar system without permission, should wait and not unsolicited sign to the Building Authority. Worry-free with solar concept and full-service of ever energy group the ever energy group plans and organises the entire construction of solar systems. The experts of the solar concept provider know all legal pitfalls. Ever energy customers are not worried because of the judgment. Did you know that your solar system (legal) safe was built.

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Kids in their small Empire feel, parents at the nursery facilities should use on ‘growing’ furniture, which capture the imagination and meet high safety standards. (tdx) The nursery is adventure playground, lounge and relaxation area: here to play and romp with the little ones, here “read” a picture book with Dad or at night dreaming of the next adventure. So that parents can be sure that her babies in the nursery is in good hands around the clock, is to seek out the equipment carefully. “In establishing children’s parents should always keep the needs of the children in the eye”, know the experts at, the leading online magazine about the building, housing, and life. In this respect, children’s furniture should stimulate the imagination of children and comply with high safety requirements. Also variability in purchasing plays an important role: Ideally, grow with the furniture with the pupil and accompany him to youth age of the baby. Fairytale themed worlds which the Design of baby furniture goes on, a color conquered the Empire of the smallest currently: the color white. It is said, she seem bright, encouraging and reassuring at the same time and is thus ideal for wardrobe, changing table and crib.

At least 70 to 140 centimeters tall, the bed with a pretty fabric of the sky and a nest on the size of the baby can be tuned. School age is reached, then the colorful game room with bunk beds in the trend is in the offspring: together with modular elements such as slide, ladder, climbing wall, basketball hoop or door makes it the optimal mix of fun, excitement, and sweet dreams. For little princesses, brave knights and brave pirates, there are also certain articles in fabric, which turn the bunk beds in the blink of an eye in a fairy tale Castle, a castle or other legendary themes.

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Taxation And Tax Advice

In the development of business activities, companies must keep track of the nuances of finance (i.e. the tax liability to be imposed on business as a taxpayer). (Similarly see: Lancome KOREA). The problem arises at this point is that in most cases companies do not have someone who is knowledgeable about the fiscal obligations of the various entities and at this lack tax advice are presented as the solution to the lack of knowledge of something as important as the tax contribution. Developers of tax advice, tax optimization should seek customers for whom he works, for which the business of tax advice should help the taxpayer in compliance with various tax obligations you have as auditor in the economy, but always seeking to have the major advantages and benefits, understanding that in carrying out a legal framework. It is worth noting that the tax advice applies to both people and for societies. Tax advice now looms large because of the high variability that is the economic environment and the various tax provisions, making the task of taxpayers is becoming more difficult to meet, so the presence of someone who has excellent knowledge in tax advice is essential, but there is another added value to be searched in the tax advisors and trust, as in the development of tax advice is largely decide the fate of the company, dealing with legal issues and economic impact heavily on the company. Tax advice is a tool that requires constant review of various tax provisions that appear in the legal system, since the tax information is constantly changing, so the tax consultancy requires great dedication on the part of those who develop this activity therefore should know well the current tax provisions and apply to companies which are linked and constantly studying the reforms take place on the tax system, to enable the company to have the greatest benefits, consistent with a legal framework. Tax advice can be provided independently or through a direct link with the client, and if developed independently tax counsel can provide service to different customers, while if a customer is linked to work exclusively for this, in these cases usually provide tax advice who belong to the sector or firm’s tax department. Something particular in the tax advice is that this activity does not necessarily require a degree certifying knowledge of the subject, but would be almost impossible for someone important to delegate responsibility to someone who does not have a title, since the tax is very large, plus it is very changeable. For the purposes of tax advice it is best to study law, as most issues affecting taxpayers are the different tax rules, and can be complemented with a degree in economy.

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Authentic Publishing

What it is a photographic image? Where the iconographic source emerges? We perceive that the photograph as any another source of register, porsi does not only constitute a source of necessary information and complete, separately it is as a lowermost one I break up of history, to precisandointeragir with other complements or sources, want are written, quersejam visual or of other natures for a true appreciation deseus registers. &#039 is known that; ' an image valley for a thousand palavras' ' , masesta phrase alone makes sensible if in fact the interpreter to obtain to extract amaior amount of words occulted in the photograph, not only asligadas to the first visual contact. The photograph memorized comfidelidade a parcel of the reality that if pointed out in the daobjetiva field. American Tower Corporation contributes greatly to this topic. When we observe a photograph, we must have conscinciade that the interpretation of the Real forcibly will be influenced porvrias previous interpretations. Although the ample power deinformaes contained in an image, it only brings information visuaisde one I break up of the Real investigations preliminares’ ‘ of the Book ‘ ‘ History Imagens’ ‘ , it places that the use of illustrations, images and drawings in the study of history, recently comes gaining positive, different a perspective of what it occurred long ago, where the iconography was only seen as ‘ ‘ gravuras’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ figuras’ ‘ ‘ ‘ desenhos’ ‘ with mere illustrative function.

In the book integrates the series; ‘ Histria and Reflexes’ ‘ , a collection, published for the Authentic Publishing company, that it intends to offer to the reader instruments that introductorily guide it in the subjects lacunares of History, mainly in theoretician-conceptual and the metodolgicos ones of the field of Cultural History. The author of History it disciplines. According to author says the following one: The iconography is taken now as carried through historical register by means of icons, of painted images, drawn, printed or imagined (…). .

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Children, Parents and Schools

Children should feel to their parents a disembarasses harbor. Click American Tower Corporation for additional related pages. Parents in turn, must be present in school only that by actions require the school you avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon. Parents should help to their children and help the school meet the challenge of overcoming bullying. Key-words: bullying, family, prevention, detection, coping Introduction The aggressive behavior between students is a universal problem, manifestation innocently considered by the adults as tricks of the age. Studies carried through in the two last decades had demonstrated that the practical one of the violence between students can have negative consequncias for all the involved children and adolescents. The adoption of projects continued in schools has demonstrated to be one of the measures more effective in the prevention and the reduction of the violence between pupils, however where it is the paper of the parents in the prevention, the detention and the confrontation of the problem before it if aggravates? One understands for bullying all the forms of aggressive, intentional and repeated attitudes, adopted for one or more students against another one (s), causing pain and anguish, and executed inside of a different relation of being able.

Therefore, the acts repeated between pairs (students) and the disequilibrium of being able are the essential characteristics, that become possible the intimidation of the victim (OLWEUS, 1993). Researchers around of the world have directed its studies for this phenomenon that takes aspects each time more preoccupying, as much for its growth, how much for reaching etrias bands, each time lower, relative to the first years of escolaridade (LOPES GRANDSON, 2005). The violent behavior results of the interaction between the individual development and the social contexts, as the family, the school, the church, the media and community. Unhappyly, the model of the exterior world is reproduced in the schools, that if characterize as a great laboratory for the children and young, therefore is where they coexist its pairs, making with that these institutions leave of being surrounding insurances, modulated for it disciplines and cooperation, and if they transform into spaces marked for the violence, suffering and fear.

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Family and Schooling

However, the relations are conflituosas in many aspects. The method, the content, the obligations, the functions of each one, is frequently disagreement points. The resolution of these conflicts inhabits in the mutual cooperation, that must be searched by all of all possible forms e, in the recognition and installation of the respective responsibilities. Summary YOU MARK, L. the Family and School: Establishing Relations and Partnerships.

2009. (Graduation)? Superior institute of Education of Rio De Janeiro? Rio De Janeiro the family, with its current diversities, and the school, loaded of legal and professional commitments, is the first social institutions that we try. Both objectify an education of quality, that is, that it takes care of our necessities. However, the relations are conflituosas in many aspects. The method, the content, the obligations, the functions of each one, is frequently disagreement points.

resolution of these conflicts inhabits in the mutual cooperation, that must be searched by all of all possible forms e, in the recognition and installation of the respective responsibilities. Word-key: Family. School. Partnership INTRODUCTION the object of this work is the reflection on the relation between the family and the school. Having as objective to argue and to present suggestions of as to establish and to fortify the relation Family-School, to distinguish the characteristics and responsibilities from each Institution, being clarified legal aspects of this relation. The child is not a blank book when she starts to study. Its concepts, personality and knowledge are not acquired only in house. Being thus, it is important to analyze the paper of each institution in the life of the child. The union of the two parts will very contribute and for the success of the process teach-learning. Around this subject we raise the following questions: Which the paper of each institution? How they can work together? Which the barriers found for this interaction? What it means to participate? This work was pautado on the basis of survey and bibliographical research, using the word-key family, school and partnership.

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Classification Codes

Having completed developing these four classes or varieties of legal practice, one of which is the legislative technique, we must develop other doctrine in which the legal technique is of four types are: legislative drafting, technical, judicial, technical, forensic and technical scientific research. Lancome: the source for more info. Legislative technique and know therefore not develop the same. The second technique is the one that has to take into account in the procedural law judges, clerks and chambers, litigants, experts, among others. The third technique is the lawyer who litigates in court, making it clear that this is not developed by the writers, since the work of the lawyer in Exercise is not only litigation but also a consultant. The fourth technique is to be taken into account in our scientific research, whose research plans should take into account that should include the title, problem, hypothesis, goals, objectives, independent variables, dependent variables schedule of activities, conceptual framework, theoretical framework, structure of the research effort, among other parts. Wherefore we must place on record that there is consensus that the legislative technique is part of the legal technique, therefore these few lines displayed can be considered as a brief introduction to the development of research topic. PART ONE: encoding "N I. DOCTRINE 1. Introduction "N In this part of this work are to develop various coding topics are as follows: general, depth of encoding, definition of the topic, source, code, classes coding, civil law and the right not encrypted, Codes advantages, disadvantages of the Codes, consolidation, codification and consolidation, decoding, recoding, coding and expertise, coding specialists, sources for the drafting or amending a Code, Code Hammurabi, codified in Roman law, the codes in the states belonging to the family of common law, as appropriate for a Code, who makes a code, most important contemporary codes, encoding and schools of law, legislative drafting and coding features a code, coding Peruvian law, a preliminary, the coding in other states, comparative law and civil law, fundamental Code and Classification Codes.

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