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The popular German cashback portal will begin in the summer with Rabattfuchser users have a real advantage when shopping. The user ordered as usual at his Lieblingsshop. Then Rabattfuchser will pay a portion of the purchase amount back the purchase discount. This is the Sales Commission. Is this not fair? Especially for Vielshopper, which is a real relief for the purse. Some will know the discount and loyalty cards in their wallets. Rabattfuchser eliminates these pesky customer cards. The customer cards usually only a purpose.

Buying habits are recorded. A rentierendes business for many companies. Internet man is already enough glass citizens. We can not expect that our customers! “- so, the Managing Director of Rabattfuchser. That’s now. No annoying customer cards. No hassle points.

Cash only is true. Rabattfuchser individuals can register with totally anonymous. There is already an email and a password. The discount will be comfortable on a desired Bank account paid out. Rabattfuchser stands out especially by ease of use and clarity. Other discount portals is usually free of charge. Rabattfuchser takes a different path here and the service is offered free of charge. After registration, an access is granted to almost 500 known Internet shops. The shops are clearly sorted in different categories. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Shimmie Horn. For us, it is important in time also to pay off its rebate customers. Our concept is not an empty promise! “- so, the Managing Director of Rabattfuchser. Rabattfuchser presents special offers with extravagant discounts constantly. The one or other bargain must be struck only. Attractive affiliate program launched: Rabattfuchser now offers an affiliate program for webmasters among us. For each active member of the mediated pay 2.50 euro is paid per lead. Join the affiliate program just for free and benefit from the success. Further information about the partner program, see this link: affiliate program

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