Nobel Prize

It is necessary to overcome the RB as a political idea, social, even economic, but as a concrete step to implement in the current economic reality. The passage from idealism to the construction of reality is necessary to analyze the measures required to enable effective and moreover RB integrate as part of development of reality. L to inertia of thinking and application of knowledge generated from past realities, do not give new ideas and new measures to a different reality.

This implies also a lack of thinking on the economy, it is accepted or rejected as is, without more, ideological or academic criteria. Is going to address the RB. You forget something as basic as that reality has been built up over thousands of years and is interrelated with other social constructs, such as a certain type of state, political models, cultural conceptions, religious, artistic, etc.. And in turn the reality evolves through a process of adaptation to allow the change as they build a new reality, which comes from a previous.The adaptation mechanisms operate primarily when introducing new elements that distort reality, as happens today with technology and globalization in the economic world.

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