NEWS: Fis Ski World Cup Val Gardena Groden

FIS Ski Weltucup Val Gardena 2010/2011 confirmed on Sunday the staff of OK start, under the supervision of the international of Ski Federation, with the finishing touches”the Saslong race meet to prepare the route profile. The snow check was conducted by FIS race Director Helmuth Schmalzl accompanied by race Director Rainer Senoner, and course Director Horst Demetz. Tradition: 68 race in 42 years World Cup Gardena-Groden has since 1969, including ski World Cup 1970, a total of 68 races held. Of 62 men’s and 6 women’s race. The competitions were held on four different tracks: CIR, Ciampinoi, ronc and Saslong. On the Saslong, a total of 57 speed took place competitions. Of them 48 runs and nine Super-G’s. Technicians have restored this year – first of all the slope modern track with nine jumps and 17 shafts after the elaborate and costly work to modernize the Saslong course in the past, after the heavy rains in June in stand, to concentrate then on the security structures.

The Widening of the track has to detected? hrt, the fall rooms were spacious and the Spru? nge safer. The safety nets have been redone, they comply with the current standards of the international of Ski Federation. Through these arrangements athletes afford smaller error, because they on the route safer fu? select. The Saslong has become one of the most modern and safest routes in the entire World Cup over the last years. Dafu? r we have invested 1.5 million euros. World Cup Gardena-Groden was always very active and alert, when it came, to adapt to the new requirements”tell race Director Rainer Senoner. “This also the tourists during the winter season benefits who want to experience the thrills, u? to drive over one of the most famous slopes of the world”.

With nine SPRU? hang and 17 larger bumps the Saslong is one of the fastest and longest slopes in the world. Also for fan clubs an experience this year, more than 500 fan club members are expected. The fans Festival is already on Friday fru? h from 10:00 in the tent in the target area! At the FRU? hschoppen with beer and Weisswurst, can the members of each group know. To tune a fu? r the downhill is the FRU? hschoppen also on Saturday early? h reviewed. Also many parties get at the weekend, under the name World Cup Adventures”run. High point of the fan Festival is again the fan be parade on the Saturday before the race. Start is at 10:45 from the tent. With flags, drums and bells they move first by St.Christina, then your athletes on the fan Tribu? ne in the finish area loudly your favorite athletes to cheer. A jury the most meaningful fan club, which will be awarded after the downhill race in the target area. Last year, Ryan Innerhofer Fan Club emerged victorious.

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