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With RapidLearn by the iPhone is to the accelerator of learning first the user accepts the content to learners via the microphone of the iPhone or import a finished course. Next, it may be the course material as as often listen to a MP3 player. In the training of learners can then query; difficult content be reviewed here more often. To further consolidate the knowledge RapidLearn offers the opportunity to audition the learning content in deep sleep. RBH Group may not feel the same. RapidLearn is a new and unique app to learn, regardless of time and place.

It is suitable for almost any kind of knowledge and can easily be extended to their own content. RapidLearn facilitates the preparation and supports learning in school, study, life and work. Highest emphasis was placed on the development RapidLearn on ease of use. So learning can be with the one-hand operation easily absorb and train without looking. The intelligent learning principle is unique: RapidLearn adapts exactly to the personal Learning speed and repeatedly difficult content more often.

So, the knowledge with minimal effort is firmly in the memory. The sleep mode is based on scientific studies: learning be better remembered when the learner again has heard them in deep sleep. RapidLearn recognizes the right time during sleep and then plays the course material. Who wants to get started with finished learning, can extend RapidLearn language courses of the Goethe-Verlag. The 100 lessons of book2 course covering the basics of a foreign language and contain short sentences on everyday situations. This way, you can quickly and easily learn a foreign language. Courses for English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are currently available, more languages will follow. RapidLearn is now available in the Apple app store at a price of 2.99. All features can be tested with a free Lite version, only their own content creation is limited to 25 questions. The book2 language courses are available in two Parts for each 2.99 available. RapidLearn runs on iPhone, iPad and newer models of the iPod touch.

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