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According to the Venezuelan legal norm concerning housing policy, it is important to submit the necessary precautions for the proper application of the financing for the acquisition of real estate with resources from the national housing system and housing policy. Housing policy loan request must be filed with all documents that are demanded by the financial operator to initiate the process of mortgage credit to such effects. Below I will present the steps that are necessary to make our housing policy process successful. Steps for the process of housing policy loan request: determination of the amount to apply: according to current regulations, the maximum funding, will be one that is in relation to family income perceived by the family group, which may not exceed 30% of the same. For a family income of Bs. 7000, the Bank will loan you an amount of Bs. 271.858,80, considering the following conditions: fee monthly: Bs.

2.100 interest rate: 8.55% repayment term: 30 years according to income, the conditions established in the regulation of housing policy shall apply. This step is necessary since it will enable us know with that amount you have for the purchase of housing and so do a search for the good that suits our financial conditions. Location of the property to buy with the housing policy resources: known the amount that the Bank can lend us, proceed to search the property that is within our ability. Preparation of the dossier of housing policy: to prepare the dossier of housing policy credit application, proceed to gather documents for filing. Those documents have to do with personal data of buyers, the guarantee card to provide, our revenue and data of vendors. Prior to the submission of documentation, ask the Bank the return of housing policy and safe list to check that No document is missing. The housing policy with the Bank loan application: once conformed our dossier, will present the dossier before the financial operator so check it and proceed to kick the credit analysis.

This work is done, the Bank shall perform the appraisal of the property and make the request for resources to the National Housing Bank and Habitat (Banavih). Approval and signing of the loan of housing policy: once we receive the Banavih, Bank resources will proceed to prepare the notarisation of purchase document sale and mortgage to the public registry where the property is located. The date of signing and delivery of keys shall be fixed. If you follow all these steps, we will have a high success rate in the approval of the loan of housing policy.

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