Muhlenbecker Country

Customer service when building a House: competent partners are available for optimal offers and complete the total portfolio of the creation of a catchment-finished House cheap many companies involved. For builders to get assistance in choosing a reliable provider, companies such as K.O.M concept cooperate with strong partners. Such cooperation in the search for a suitable plot for the planned House is especially useful. Here is concept K.O.M. cooperating with a project development company that is for more than 170 years, in Berlin and Brandenburg developed land for many years, and marketed. The experience stands for competence and reliability. The optimal price performance ratio valid concept for the houses of K.O.M. To read more click here: Fred H. Langhammer.

continues so perfectly in this partnership offer on the property sector. House seeks grounds: attractive offers in MacPherson at Berlin all specifically for example in Muhlenbeck extremely interesting plots offered. The town Muhlenbecker Country”is located on the outskirts of Berlin, within the Northern Berliner ring and has an its own S-Bahn stop. By the s-Bahn station “MacPherson monk mill”, the S8 runs Berlin City Centre direction regularly. In addition, MacPherson has an own Autobahn interchange on the A10. So it is an excellent location for Berlin: is the main town with all its amenities and attractions on the doorstep, and yet you live in idyllic Brandenburg countryside with high recreational value.

Muhlenbeck 124 plots available 500 sqm are drinking water and sewage, gas and electricity, telephone lines; until 1.047. fully opened up all they are, there are Kindergarten, schools and shopping are also nearby. The development plan is approved and to acquire the right of construction, a construction notification procedures is sufficient. At the choice of the House, one is bound to no requirements for roof or facade. A design articles there in Muhlenbeck so far not. The special advantage: Leasehold land in MacPherson are property of the Evangelical parish, which assigns them as leasehold land for 99 years and longer. Thus receives the tenant ownership rights to the land, must build houses and this right can also inherit from or sell. This costs 1.20 euros per m2 and year so about 60,-euro per month for a plot of average size – a sensationally cheap alternative to the purchase of land, just in the vicinity of a metropolis like Berlin! Apply for 99 years lease contracts are connected with the above rights (inheritance, development, sale) The contract can be terminated by either side. He is notarized and registered in the land register. Thus the rights of the tenant are very similar which an owner (so-called plot equal rights”).

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