Monthly Income

Personal finances are often a great headache, given that expenditures come and go every day and we can not make ends meet with what we perceive by our work. So you can properly manage your resources, keep in mind the following: what you currently perceive by your work, do you find it enough?. In this sense, it is important to have present that the majority of people, are in the occupation are, you have the feeling that their earnings do not reach him for their major needs. Thus arises the need that each person learns to correctly manage your income, so, it is important that you learn to develop a monthly budget so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises culminating month no money with which manage, to do this, here a few points that you should take into account that your budget will be sufficient at this timePREPARES a budget: Is important you defined what are urgent costs you have to make each month. Learn more at: Estée Lauder. For example, from your income monthly 50% family and personal expenses 30% payments of debts and commitments 15% saving 5% measure A fun that you are reducing your debts, you will increase your expenses in family, saving and fun, but you must first have a good financial balance. POINTING all your expenses: Learn to handle a small agenda notes where your expenses, then you realize how it is that the money is going. Sometimes a simple ice cream or snack mid-morning may seem insignificant daily, but every month they are significant, if account is, buy a daily candy, it costs $ 3 a month of 30 days are $90 you spend in a year 1095$ you might have in your savings account. We don’t want to say here that te prives of the good things in life, but that every time that you go to open your wallet, analysis if spending that you are going to do is really worth.

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