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mobilaro sharing survey revealed it promotes Hamburg, 23 July 2013 who is the generation of CarSharing? Mobilaro figured it out with the first own car sharing survey. The sharers has changed. Initially, as activists and eco’s decried, they are today often just pragmatic. The image presents itself as follows: urban young people with good education level use transport services according to their needs, at best they are also environmentally friendly. We have launched a survey which has given more interesting results. Especially in cities with high population numbers, sharing increasingly replaced the ownership of a car’s own.

“The mobilaro survey shows that sharers are usually cyclists or users of public transport, their mobility (for weekend trips or major errands) has through a car on time” Supplement. Their statement after the best-known provider in Hamburg is located and distributed blue-and white smarts throughout the entire city. First and foremost are boy Women of the concept excited and like to use it. For the Carsharingunternehmen, also cities with medium population offer great potential for the future. Mainly for leisure purposes, the target group in these regions wish a better built car-sharing offer. Carsharinganbieter should see quite precisely the results of this survey. Certainly, there are one or the other pointing out how to make the offer for customers still more interesting and thus expand the business. Find out more about the results of the Mobilaro sharing survey here: sharing/6607-the car-sharing survey press contact: Stefanie Muller editorial of mobilaro

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