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Cornelsen title help with original checks and the Sprint begins training at the turn of the year for sophomore, to prepare for the exams to the middle school. The Cornelsen test coach “Training 2010” and “Original exams 2010” the subjects German, English and mathematics to help during this learning phase. The Publisher has developed precisely the title education media in five State-specific editions for Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Students win more security training volumes with the original tests, if the written final exams 2010 (in North-Rhine-Westphalia Central checks to the middle school) in the core subjects nearby. The training books and original tests from Cornelsen are suitable both for teachers to use in the classroom and as a self-study for students at home. The design takes into account two pathways (student types) to be fit for the written exam: fast and intense or thoroughly, and relaxed. The walkers have a block character.

Students can selectively access individual exercises or tests, and train so that what is relevant for them. The overviews serve quick orientation at the beginning of the books. The “original tests 2010” (8.95 euro in English with CD-ROM for the listening comprehension: 9.95 euros) the original examination papers 2007-2009 keep ready on each 96 to 112 pages in DIN A5 format. To left to look forward to the final exam, there is detailed information about the process and to the requirements of the tests 2010 solutions and instructions are presented systematically and understandable. Check pages help when reviewing and learning tips for the Sprint.

The “2010 training volumes” (8.95 euro in English with CD-ROM for the listening comprehension: 9.95 euros) come in DIN A4 format with each 112 pages. To refresh, there are the basics each at a glance. Exam preparation English language tasks (some with enclosed CD ROM to the listening comprehension) help in practice. Thanks to the quick checks for inspecting and separate solution folders, the learning progress can be checked quickly. In addition to tips for exam preparation, all exam topics are represented learning friendly. The Cornelsen Publishing House provides the right offer for every knowledge requirement. The publishing program includes textbooks, teaching aids, reference books, textbooks, software, E-learning and training events. Today, the publishing house was founded in 1946 in Berlin is one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. The trade mark Cornelsen, Cornelsen Scripturam gate and people and knowledge are known at every school. 780 employees working on the development of high-quality educational media and implement this innovative learning and teaching methods and latest findings of media didactics.

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