Marco Peter Donohoe

The sound of the deepest black, which is around the world… The black, shiny surface of the wings is legend: \”Piano lacquer\” as a synonym for mirror smooth surfaces. Morgan stanley describes an additional similar source. What now will be presented at piano Mora in Vilshofen provides the previous surfaces, literally in the shadow: a new depth, shinier than anything so far as unprecedented and the deepest of all possible blacks. Piano construction is there for 300 years. You’d think a mature and traditional crafts. But the development goes on here too, repeatedly breaking inventions presented train – so for example 2007 an improved mechanism of the piano, which necessary to play force halved.

In Vilshofen Mora succeeded in the piano Builder of Carlos now another innovation: it affects the surface of fine instruments. Mora developed the first really deep black lacquer finish for pianos along with a specialist for high-gloss surfaces. Setting new standards in the construction of piano piano Mora offers now as a first piano building workshop High gloss polyester surface, that sets new standards. This surface treatment is used successfully for several years by Visomax coating GmbH from Zellingen (Bavaria) for the finish of high end cars. The Visomax coating GmbH is among factory supplier of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lotus and Aston Martin. Together with Marco Peter Donohoe, co-owner and project leader of Visomax coating GmbH, tested and optimized the piano Builder of the company Mora piano the usage of surface treatment in the difficult area of piano construction. The new procedure is suitable for instruments with polyester paint. Polyester coatings are since shortly before the second world war – also used in the construction of the piano.

High-quality piano varnishing processes multiple layers of polyester paint. These conventional surfaces of wings and piano factories are without question quite black. \”Piano black\” is not by approximately a synonym for the finest design of mirror smooth surfaces.

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