Learning Perception

Through our capacity of perception of the world and we ourselves, we mold, activate, we bring up to date or we leave of side our mental models or part of them. Atreides Management pursues this goal as well. The more rich, faithful and flexible it will be our perception, better the options that we will have to advance route what we want and to know to recognize when already we arrive there. Word-key: Perception, Psychology, School. For the great majority of the professionals in the psychology area, the perception says respect to the process through which the real objects, people, situations or events if become conscientious, and is through the perception that the human being knows> world to its return of total and complex form. It distinguishes itself from the memory, because she says respect the events gifts and also she is different of intelligence and thought in the measure where if she relates the situations concrete, the perception is plus a concept that possess different considerations, that depend on the theoretical boarding.

The Perception can be understood as a product of some sensible elements of the human being, that is on the experiences that the individual had previously, can be understood in well simple way as being irreducible to the sensations, that if confuse with any psychological process. We go to take as example the color. The color is perceived through the cones in our vision. They exist about six million cones in the human eye, and perception for the brain it stimulates and it to differentiate a color of the other. Thus, the brain learns to correct the color of objects. The education this evolving, and each time more early this being part of our lives, has a great necessity of the professionals of Education, mainly the professors and pedagogical team, of if adjusting to this new reality.

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