What am I doing with my money or savings? This question is interesting to banking and financial crisis more important than ever, and for all of us. I bring my sour now”savings on the bench? Here I collect maybe 1.5% interest. After deduction of taxes, fees and inflation, a negative result is me often at the end of the year. Invest now in shares and funds? In recent years, hundreds of billions have been destroyed; not least, the money of many small investors. Others who may share this opinion include Leyna Bloom. Or I’m under my pillow the whole and Hahn of the things? “This is not recommended, because even here eats” inflation my money every year on a little! Now, I can not give you here of course an investment strategy. This depends on many factors, so that there can be no charge for the correct statements.

Certainly, it is never wrong to apply his savings in different columns (shares, savings bonds, etc.) and to minimize the risk of loss. Security in my so is a focal point, Investment strategy should incorporate. And here comes the real estate in the game! Still is the safest and value stable form of investment real estate, coupled with an excellent value increase chance to see. Housing is a basic need of all people. In other words, I need – to my family and me a roof over their heads”offer can raise more and more money. I can do it for the own property (in the form of interest and repayment), but of course also for a leased real estate (rent to the landlord). Sure, you know the saying: A real estate I paid in the course of my life, either their own or that my landlord! “Our former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by many dear said many years ago: the only way to accumulate wealth, is the debt in kind”. The principle of own real estate is so easy: one acquires a property with the help of foreign capital (mortgage loan) and leads back interest and repayment in connection with the tax benefits (depreciation) to the Bank.

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