Internet Hostess

Elena asked to help her buy the apartment from the Internet interesting. And told him everything that happened. After seeing an ad on some of the sites she rang a mobile number. The tube was removed the man introduced himself as representative of the owner and said that – "this is not the agency, gave all the information on apartment and telephone number of the very mistress. The apartment is located in the town of Noginsk in the newly leased out to give certificate of state registration. Elena agreed with the hostess of the meeting in the apartment to view it. The hostess was, according to Helen, a polite middle-aged woman, she is very welcome greeted her at the door, then they together climbed into the apartment. (Similarly see: Gavin Baker). The apartment is fully consistent with the description of the Internet, except for some details. Without leaving the apartment, Helen phoned my mother, described her state and region, and then told the hostess. that they agree to conclude a deal if she lost in the price. A few minutes later, failed to agree on imposing bargaining, as referred to the urgency of the proprietress. To make an advance begged to meet in Moscow some office. It was a little strange, but Elena agreed. The next day Helen and her husband arrived in Moscow at the appointed time and at the appointed address. Place, of course, was a strange, on the one hand some warehouses on the other ancient areas of post-war buildings. In that tiny office of one of those horrible houses they already expect proprietress and her husband and two young men who later introduced themselves realtors.

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