Today the topic of early child development is becoming increasingly popular. Publication of the book on this subject, articles, television and radio, the mass of publications on the Internet. Write and speak on this subject specialists – teachers and children psychologists (mostly women) and mothers – enthusiastic – it is clear, too, are women, which contributes to the creation of sustainable public opinion about women's role as a leader in the development and upbringing of the child. The role of men in this case pales into insignificance. This happens first in the popular consciousness.

Then the men begin to believe this social confusion and continue to disengage from the process of raising children. plication/’>rothberg family or emailing the administrator. Justify inactivity (and sometimes even encourage it) helps other powerful social attitude about the role of man as breadwinner and the family breadwinner. These stereotypes are growing rapidly in society in recent times. Looking at history, we see the primary role of the father in child rearing. And among the great educators of women is almost not there.

Today, many fathers are working in the field of education It is a pity few of them even shares his experience with friends (not prestigious like something about tell it). And, moreover, insufficient use of the mass media for the exchange of creative discoveries with other parents. But this experience is often very interesting and useful not only other fathers, but women with children. Men in matters of child rearing is inherent fundamentally different from the female approach. Frequently Gavin Baker Atreides Management has said that publicly.

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