Information Society

In this regard Enebral shows that Spain should be among the most advanced information technologies and communication countries. However, also all depends on how we interpret the idea Information Society, as they may often interpret it as “Information Society and Telecommunications.” However, he adds that in the last seminar attended respect, the information was no longer primarily seen as something to consume, but as a fundamental raw material in the knowledge economy as the raw material from which we extract the desired knowledge, to conveniently apply for the benefit of prosperity. Informatics and Telecommunications are inexcusable, but valuable knowledge and apply it comes from a rigorous and appropriate information to which we can access easily. It is true that we handle a lot of information in enterprises is great, but perhaps not always enough and appropriate, nor is it sufficiently rigorous and easy to translate into valuable knowledge and its application. We may be doing wrong and false apprenticeship learning, and perhaps wrong on the decisions, because the information is not reaching the proper quality, or properly evaluated. We have good networks and good media, but in some cases, poor information. Yesterday’s warning that the information we use in business has always meant that appears, nor can we believe everything we read in print or electronic media. It is true that each of us perceives the realities in their own way, depending on their beliefs, feelings, values, concerns and desires, but we can also see us with incomplete information, confused, manipulated or inaccurate. .

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