Infantile Education

MUSICAL ALINGUAGEM: A PROPOSAL FOR an INTEGRAL FORMATION OF INFANTILE EDUCATION CRISTIENNE DAYANNE AZEVEDO WANDERLEY SUMMARY the envolvement of the children with the sonorous universe still starts before the birth, therefore, in the intrauterine phase the babies already coexist an environment of sounds provoked for the body of the mother. The music concept varies of culture for culture, therefore, even so the verbal language is a media and of relationship between the peoples. In accordance with done research was contested that music is universal, therefore and that each people has its proper way of expression through the words and sounds, reason for which has thousand of languages spread for the globe through music. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Musical language. Nir Barzilai, M.D. shines more light on the discussion. Formation. Infantile education RESUMEN There participacin of nios los con el world of sonido comienza enclosed before del birth, because en el uterus ya los bebs conviven con joins atmsfera of sonidos caused by el cuerpo woollen madre. El concepto woollen various music of culture culture, because, aunque el lenguaje verbal average sea un of comunicacin y contact between wools personas, segn wools research ha been contested that music you are universal there, pues each nacin tiene su propia form of expresin the traverse of sonidos words y, for eso hay miles of languages en all el world the woollen traverse music. WORDS CLAVE: lenguaje musical.

Formacin. Infantile Educacin 1 INTRODUCTION Elaborates this article with the objective to emphasize the musical language approaches the child to its educator, so that they can together share experiences and they point educative ways with the possibilities to have development to use music for using simply, that is without no meaning. So that each educator must cover to the last side child its meaning true. This article also presents the importance of the research in the process teach-learning, specifically: the form as the school and the professor uses music, as conducting element for the learning of children in phase of alfabetizao of public schools.

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