I did not import myself very with this, therefore already wise person who was there in a hospital and is that it is place of this exactly. She wanted to see who age whose. I took off the towel of the face of the said one and an enormous astonishment took account of me. I was who I was there. How horrible thing! How it is that I estavaalinacama all broken and I was there looking at for me exactly? Suddenly I turned two? From there he has had little entered two doctors.

One looked at for one maquininha that it blinked and said to the other: ' ' Inside of 10 minutes this face will be morto&#039 there; '. Died? I? Which of the two eus, what it was in the bed or what was close to the bed? How question! Desesperadamente I started to balance the imbecile who was in the bed. The imbecile did not wake up. worse is that the imbecile was I myself. Of in such a way I to balance the someone, tired. I was myself feeling weak, the body was becoming soft. Its I to faint here, this someone die exactly – I thought. worse is that this someone is I myself.

Two eus died in the same apartment of a hospital. Strange thing! It could not be. The doctors had that to save at least one I. I wise person not to explain as, suddenly, became two. He did not matter now. Later people he would study this situation, if he escaped one of eus, therefore she was necessary, at least saving one. I cried out again, the doctors did not hear me. I was fainting to the few and falling in the soil. In the soil? Impressive! I was falling inside of proper. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is likely to agree. suddenly I, that I was in the bed, April the eyes. The two eus if had only become one. I turned the head a side and another one. I felt pains for the body all. It was in rags. The doctors had opened a olho and had cried out: ' ' Miracle, the deceased reviveu' '. They had started new medications immediately and they spoke between itself: ' ' of this there, this does not die mais' '. A small satisfaction took account of me and thought: ' ' Thanks to Deus'.

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