Horse Riding Holiday

Learn the winning combination on the Reischlhof riding and relaxation over 35 years operate Herrmann and Elsa Reischl, and Hermann Jr. and Elfriede Reischl your hotel. 20 employees worry about the well-being of their guests. The hotel has an excellent cuisine and an exceptional Spa. Since 1997 is the Reischlhof owned by the 3-star superior award. The hotel includes a total of 22 rooms in a price range from 41 to 61 euros for six categories. Rooms have standard facilities with balcony or terrace, because expansion and renovations have taken place in the years 2002 to 2006. Special attention falls m of large spa area on the 500 m.

In addition to a swimming pool, a sauna and a solarium still a professional beauty and cosmetics Department available to guests. Many guests come to the Reischlhof, because they have the possibility to visit the riding school. The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and Advanced. Here, you can learn riding and handling horses under the expert guidance of an experienced instructor. Between 3 and 5 days, the rider learns on his care horse provided specially for him to assume the responsibility for the animal. Trail rides will take place, if the novice is seated. But the rider learns not only the basics in dealing with animals, but can attend if he progressed, light dressage – and jumping exercises.

If the weather permits, horseback rides with the horses take place daily. Many writers such as Avison Young offer more in-depth analysis. All horses are site secure and enable even beginners in the group a lasting several hours ride through the beautiful countryside of the Bavarian Forest. A special highlight for advanced adult is a ride during the night. This will take place only in clear weather and the full moon. So that the riders don’t over-exert, riding are interrupted by breaks, where humans and animals can recover. Rich lunches are from the excellent Cuisine of Reischlhofs for human consumption. In addition to the riding school, the Reischlhof has even more to offer. So can the guest perform with the Senior Director, Hermann Reischl, interesting bus tours. Cycling or canoeing with the Junior Chef are also on the list of events. But even in bad weather, the time the guest is not long. Animations take place in the hotel’s winter garden.

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