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The latest generation of Honda Civic since its inception in 2006, enjoyed a consistently high popularity not only overseas but also in CIS countries. In Russia alone during these 3 years has sold more than 4 0000 Civic. Honda Civic Sedan 2009 In March 2009, hondovtsy presented updated sedan Honda Civic, the so-called restyling – updated exterior styling, the new interior was designed by and improved set – all made Honda Civic 2009 model year, even more attractive. Front bumper gained more aggressive form of acute. First, a little relief line in continuation of the line, hood, headlights and continue along until the middle of the bumper will "face" more expressive and emotional. The second thing that catches your eye – modified form of air intakes. A very interesting design have updated the rear lights. "Kruglyashi" was replaced with a faceted octagons.

In equipping the interior of the new Honda Civic sedan were used new materials (more than qualitative) finish chairs. The form of the same seats were optimized. With regard to the preferences of Russian consumers have changed configuration sedan Honda Civic. So for all complete sets have been added: AUX-output function and remote trunk opening with the key. In completing the Honda Civic 4D "Elegance" include: Alarm, climate control and rear armrest, and for the Honda Civic 4D "Executive" added HID Xenon headlights. The updated Honda Civic 4D, as before, is equipped gasoline 1.8-liter engine of the latest generation i-VTEC.

Buyers of the new Honda Civic 4D will be available Transmission: 6-speed "mechanics" or 5-way "automatic". By the way, for the Honda Civic to "automatic" in the configuration Executive has comfortable paddles for manual control of the petals of the gear shift. Honda Civic Hatchback 2009 also altered the sedan and hatchback. However, in Russia, the novelty has not yet debuted. In Europe, sales restyling hatchback launched at the beginning of the year. Restyled Honda Civic 5D in 2009, has lost his 'chip' – now, instead of "chandeliers" were small air vents with mesh on both sides of the logo H. In the rear of the car less noticeable upgrade, but still present. Changed color scheme and interior design rear lights. Diffuser in the rear bumper of the front grille and began to look a lot easier. Along the way, with a five-door hatchback has been updated and three-door Type S. Instead, he got the chandelier grille of Type R. Honda Civic Type R (FN2) nothing new can not boast. Is that the new version – GT Championship White, a highlight of which, except for white race is the presence of self-locking differential. On the Honda Civic 5d robotic "mechanics i-shift has undergone substantial revision of the hatchback are also the usual building-block automaton. It remains to be new when we get to

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