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Do you agree with the fact that even regularly caring for a person who sometimes look at myself in the mirror and notice that there are new wrinkles, slightly dropped the extreme corners of the lips and eyes, and the eyes themselves sit deeper and ever quite different overhang. Of these age-related changes of the skin did not save the woman. But those women who do not pay enough attention to the care of a person who either do not burden themselves with such concerns, the person always looks running, gray, covered with pimples and acne. It makes a woman much older. Of course, ideally, should regularly visit beauty parlors, purge, massage, peeling, lifting and other pleasing and anti-aging skin treatments.

But we really look at the situation: not every woman has time, money and even the desire to attend such events. Therefore, home care is quite able to provide you with a normal appearance. However, one should pay attention to the fact that improper care not only give you satisfaction, but on the contrary, will only harm your skin, your face. What are the most common mistakes in home care for a person? The main and most common mistake – the wrong choice of cosmetics and daily use of them. So it was once to me. When I saw the first unwanted changes on your face, I realized that something must be done.

And this 'Something' was a selection of cosmetics. Gensler San Francisco takes a slightly different approach. Having heard from "experienced" ladies, what skin should nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate, I tried to pay attention to these properties of creams. It often happened, buy the cream, and it causes itching and irritation. Sometimes even some of eyelid edema appeared. Reserves the same way for five or someone to donate, and currently looking for new ones, and all repeated the same thing. I realized that without knowledge, without consulting specialist I can not do. As it turned out, my main mistake was that I did not observe the action step in the care of a person. Need to start with clean skin, and this should be done in the morning and evening. To clean should choose a special cleanser that contains no soap. Then wipe the face mild tonic, preparing it for the application of emollient moisturizer, and then apply this moisturizer. Already such daily simple steps, if you start doing them from 20-25 years, will your face look fresh, have a healthy and beautiful color. But if you have not done this until now – never mind, never too late to start, even after 40! It was at that age I started systematic care for the face and got a good result. (Source: Atreides Management). In addition to basic care, with age, the skin requires extra special funds. It can be exfoliating lotion, rejuvenating serum and a means for area around the eyes, scrubs, masks and various other intense cosmetics. Especially dangerous enemy of the skin – is its dehydration. That dehydration of the skin is a major cause of wrinkles. But this is not all to look in the mirror, the person you happy. Another common mistake in the home care person is the wrong choice of cosmetic lines. About her we'll talk next time. Ludmila Skiba

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