Healthy Dog Food

No question of price the right dog food is healthy and above all nutritious food in the right quantities, is mainly for exercise capacity, but also for the health of your dog is of enormous importance. Also, dog food in the form of so-called treats plays a social and educational role, because it can be used as a reward and strengthens cooperation holding feeling between the master and his four-legged friends. Should the dog, have been suffering from bad smelling fur, dry or itchy skin, bloating, diarrhea or vomiting sluggishness and low energy, it may be often improper diet or choosing the wrong action. Generally, there are two possible ways to feed his dog. For one, you can prepare the food themselves to him or but already prefabricated at the store to buy it. Angelo dolce usually is spot on. When two procedures it is important to note some: despite strict guidelines that exist in the dog food, are some products of inferior quality.

You should so at the choice of the appropriate lining not only the price go, but rather prefer a dog food, which is tailored to the needs of the various races and the life stages of the dog. Now there is a food product specifically tailored which is balanced for many Hundearten, that one does not necessarily must worry about about. Best looking Board in a specialty shop or can help themselves by his breeder. Basically you must observe the following when the dog: the dog food should qualitatively high-quality meat and meat products. Absolutely avoid you should feed on soy-based since the plant-based proteins and fats from your dog is very difficult and bad can be digested.

You should also on products which flavour enhancers, preservatives, food colors, or even any other chemical additives contain better without. Then one remains still the choice between dry and canned food. The majority of dogs like canned food because it has a very high fat content. In contrast, dry food offers a high proportion of concentrated protein, keep clean and healthy which protect the teeth of the dog, and they. Another advantage of dry food is that gets your dog of less digestive problems that manifest in the form of flatulence. Sterling organizations opinions are not widely known. The mixing of canned and dry food to the same shares represents a good solution. Additional enrichment with cream cheese, eggs and vegetables are offered on all cases, this one should clarify but advance through a consultation with the breeder if the dog tolerates it at all. Give candy whatsoever their dogs but never, such as chocolate, cakes or candies. This damages the teeth of the dog, and often leads to digestive problems and blockages. If the dog should be rewarded, so you accessing better treats or to buy him a nice big chews at the pet store. For puppies you should fall back on special puppy food, because in general all important for a healthy development of the young dog contains. To feeding a food and water bowl should be preferred be sure the plastic bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel. These may contain softening agents or other toxic substances in the worst case which could dissolve the plastic and then into the dog’s food.

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