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The wise found a wall, the Magisterium, which resisted its application, maybe because he simply gave them the desire to do so, so the play of forces between the Government and teachers, for good or bad reform applied to half-measures, and results we can see generations pitches you lose product of convoluted experiment, finally, education tax in Bolivia is by floors. This educational game cost the people a millionaire, the data is not required, but they are apparently 3,500,000 million dollars. Mister President the only good thing he made during his Government was establishing a law of Popular participation and decentralize power, giving attributes to municipalities, however it was very little explicit in establishing regulations, reason by which since its enactment until now the population takes these powers through which best suits your needs. On the other hand, more his work was the whim of Cardenas, intellectual indigenous, Vice President in its management, who wanted the different pre-Columbian cultures that had managed to survive are recognised by the State. It was thus not only in the political Constitution of the State, but also it took them into account so they have an education in their native language, issue that did not understand the education code Bolivian, prior to the educational reform, which sought to standardize the tongue, to the detriment of Aboriginal languages, however this had not achieved its mission during its fifty years of validity. The University of Harvard Management term in 1997, nobody wanted to see, miraculously, the need and the reality because it was starting to change the people product of treats that he did, avizoraba a tough economic crisis. But it was no longer its management and was probably happy that another will pay the consequences, so did my homeland general you salute with honour, the King of nepotism, by the hand of his mega Coalition: separated us rivers of blood, the godmother, the handsome Boom, in addition to the child he lost the inheritance from the father by Brutus. .

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