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The disadvantages of a virtual store are huge competition on the web and the problem of attracting clients, i.e., traffic. This issue shares with all other models of business on the web. Another Internet business model is the page containing some interesting content and income it comes from advertising: we all know small Google Adsense ads or banners on pages that we visit. Having substantial revenue in this way only is possible if the page has many visitors every day or with many sites, but create a repertoire of many pages is an important job. To cover the costs of hosting it is a very good possibility.

A type of advertising something different are the affiliate products. The owner of the page makes propaganda for any product from a third party, which instead pays you an amount for each sale that is made as a result of this publicity. This way you can generate interesting income, but only if the author does not lose its credibility, praising any product to make a few Euros extra. There are networks of affiliate products (although in Spanish are scarce yet) that make it more easy to find affiliate programs. A model that still is not as successful in Europe are pages that they charge an amount for access.

They can be specialized professional platforms or pages they publish very valuable information, on issues of finance for example. These pages have a high potential to be profitable, but to succeed the content should that have an extremely high quality to attract customers. Each of these models there are different forms and mixed forms that are difficult to classify have also been developed. Who are the people who becomes a millionaire on the Internet? Those who write eBooks that we bought to learn his secrets (and that we will not disclose neither 27 nor by 97 Euros). It is the people who develop programs affiliate and MLM that we we signed. It is the people who actually create something new. So if we also want us to become members of the club of the rich of the Internet, there is no other way: we will have to create our own products and learn the Internet marketing techniques from the beginning. The good thing is that all the information you need is only a click away!

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