Finding Good

When one is aware of the universe in which we live, we realize that we are living in a natural world, we cherish plants, animals, all living, thanks to the bad treatment he has received our world, there is now a major pollution problem in water, air, soil and atmosphere, where there are earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, climate change, there is a total lack of control in our nature. One of the great achievements that we do as educators is to implement holistic solution for a better sustainable development, that we as a society we have a world of life more complete. That the significance of holistic education: Find the path between the old and new, between the rational and instrumental world of life. Finding the third way. Learn More to reduce our ego, to become more simple, humble, where our spirituality is reborn, transforming beings responsible in caring for the welfare of other beings, have an interest to serve and help, good dialogue. Here, Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta expresses very clear opinions on the subject. . Find a social transformation, quiet, achieving a new world vision for a sustainable society. .

Meet the perennial philosophy gives us hope that we can effect change on the basis of universal love. Today we need a new worldview, a holistic view, to form a new consciousness that transcends, with universal love, peace, sustainable development, learning communities, better dialogue etc. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may not feel the same. We must look for the good of the material world (science) and the inner world (spirit) in order to help us find a good meaning to our lives, to better understand the necessity of changing paradigm. .

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