Film Polimedel

Until now, can still be found on the Internet needs, "Polimedel – deceit." Let's look at the reason for this request. First, too wide a range of film Polimedel. Secondly, not high price. The combination of these two parameters on the one hand led to the enormous popularity of the film polimedel in different layers of our society, on the other hand, overly critical-thinking citizens who can not solve the problems of their own health and confronted with deceit, this combination creates distrust. Early look at the certificate: What is Polimedel? Polimedel – Medical Polymer electrets. Creating polimedela took a long time and the basis for this scientific discoveries in medicine were our military fighting in Afghanistan. There was a need to effectively and quickly restore broken bones and serious injuries that occur in combat Afghan war. This tool has been found and tested in real conditions.

It is a polymer electret, which was created when processing film of PTFE has become the material of the film was made polimedel. After completing War and the withdrawal of troops, and then the collapse of the Soviet Union, the need for the military aspect of this development is relegated to second place. A scientist from St Michael A. Peterurga Kopyshev developed a modern version of the polymer film medical polimedel for use in ordinary peacetime life. Polimedel – a polymer film (9 cm x 30 cm, thickness of 10-50 microns), which introduced a special technology normalized electric charge, its beneficial, therapeutic action penetrates to a depth of 14 cm through the paper, cardboard, natural fabrics, gypsum (which is important in fractures). Is cleansed of small vessels and capillaries of toxins and restoring normal blood circulation and cell starting to get through the bloodstream good nutrition. There is a cleaning and restoration of the lymphatic vessels, and therefore cells begin to easily remove waste products and toxins. After restoration of normal circulation of blood begins to flow antibodies that reduce inflammation.

Increases immunity and restores natural defenses. When using film polimedel is accelerated Recovery of cells and tissues of the body due to recovery of injured blood vessels and capillaries: 1. Three times declining while total matching bone fractures (one month instead of the usual three), 2. For seven days reduced rise time of a new layer of the epithelium of the skin burns, 3. By restoring normal blood circulation relieves pain, swelling and cramps, 4. The influx of nutrients and antibodies in the injured tissues promotes healing by bruises, sprains, fractures, and radiculitis and rheumatism. 5. For the same reason polimedel as effective in cardiac diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, and neuralgia. 6. Click Tishman Speyer to learn more. With all the joint diseases need take into account the capillary congestion, as without it there is no arthritis or osteoarthritis, or neuritis, or deformation of bones, joints, tendons, or muscle strain. Of particular note is the absence of adverse reactions in application of the film polimedel. That's the whole truth about the film Polimedel.

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