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Appenzell malt whisky fantastic results for the Appenzell, Santis, 08.08.2012 – joy of Brewery Locher AG in Appenzell, which is successful not only with its beers internationally. All four submitted products were awarded at the world’s largest and most important competition, the international wine & spirit competition (IWSC) in London. The well-known Santis malt editions Santis and Sigel received a silver medal. The whisky cream liqueur Marwees and the new distillery Edition Alpstein received even silver with the title Outstanding and were the best of the silver medals in their category. This result is the most outstanding in the German-speaking world.

The IWSC was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in the vicinity of London. With over 300 qualified and prestigious judges around the world involved in the wine and spirits industry, he is the oldest competition of its kind. The assessments will always be made in blind tastings. No member of the jury sees that Original bottles, is served in a room specially decorated, accessible only to employees of the competition. The members of the jury receive only numbered glasses with the drinks to be evaluated. This Board Fleming, European Tigerfish brands Ltd (UK) and Chairman of the competition jury: the IWSC jury is so made up, that she can never be compromised.

It consists of people who are very knowledgeable in the areas in which they are employed. They work according to the Olympic principle that medals are only of the highest quality. No medals in categories will be awarded where the products not high enough points. For example, in the last year, we had about 30% more participants, but there were fewer gold medals than in previous years. The products, which will be awarded by the judges deemed well and with medals, passed through Additionally a technical evaluation in a laboratory after the blind tasting. This analysis is for spirits and liqueurs checks whether out of pure nature and of additions allowed the legislature other materials have found their way into the bottle. An elaborate screening process using gas chromatographs, examines whether really be awarded the medal. The four Swiss products have undergone these tests without any complaints, can now boast four notable medals.

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