Lemon, although it is a fruit of sour taste are so many properties that this small flaw becomes a virtue after knowing the nutritional and healing advantages afforded us. The lemon is a first entered the fruits curative, preventive and vitamin, transforming it into a great Eliminator of toxins and a powerful bactericide. Vitamins: very rich in C; less: A, and B. minerals group: high doses of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and also of copper, zinc, iron and manganese there are several very interesting tricks for the use of lemon: 1. / is a natural astringent for oily skin, to reduce open pores.

Before going to bed, face washed with water, cut a lemon in half and apply all over the face. This will make you have a very nice complexion. The lemon is normal it escueza a bit when applied on the face, but if pica much remove him immediately, maybe your skin does not tolerate. It should never be out in the Sun with the lemon, because skin can stain. So what I do is put on me at night before you go to bed and then overnight, wash my well face. 2.It is a natural bleach. Additional information is available at Robin Ruzan. To remove stains from the skin.

It puts directly on stains. Washing before going out in the Sun. It also serves to give uniformity to the skin. 3. It helps to eliminate acne. The same applies at night and in the morning washing the skin well. 4. It is a natural deodorant. Cut the lemon and apply it under your arms. 5. For stains in the armpits, apply the lemon in the armpits, but failure to do so after shaving because I escuece much. 6. It can be a wonderful natural exfoliant, with half a lemon and hence we add half teaspoon of sugar and a splash of olive oil (if it can be extra virgin). Once washed the face, is will exfoliate the face with this remedy, making circles. You must wait three minutes and wash the face thoroughly. This leaves a radiant skin. Better to do it at night. 7. For tired or swollen feet. Foot baths with water and lemon juice. To do this, you must put in a wide Bowl, where your feet can be placed with ease, a lemon party in half a litre of water. Rub the skin on the feet and ankles. Steffan Lehnhoff pursues this goal as well. Feet must stay 10 minutes in this preparation. 8. For nicotine stains. If got nicotine stains on nails, lips, and teeth and want to eliminate them, you can well rub the area with a cotton wool soaked in lemon juice. 9. To lighten the color of the hair naturally. If you want to lighten the color of your hair in a natural way, just add the juice of one lemon to the rinse water. 10. To clarify the mustache hairs. Similarly, if a woman has many hairs above the lips (mustache) and does not want to shave with wax because it irritates him much, you can pass a cotton cloth soaked in lemon twice a day to lighten the hair. 11 / For desentoxicar body, and help when it does diet or maintain weight. Recipe: Heat a cup of water but not very hot, lukewarm. The juice of a lemon is squeezed. Add a tablespoon of olive oil. Take every morning, before breakfast. This helps to keep the body clean, It also helps with the diet that we are doing, since it lowers more. It also helps to maintain our weight.

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