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Juan Faus Gimenez write me from Zurich, Switzerland, to draw attention to the following: in El Pais Digital, when occurs a Newsflash, appears highlighted in red the word urgent. According to the dictionary of the RAE, urgent means that it is urgent, and urge is require or ask for something urgently. Therefore, he concludes, the word is incorrectly used; the last expression would be more appropriate time. The reader is right. Frequently Related Group has said that publicly. And as he says, it is only a detail, but a meaning-laden detail. With this word they used to spearhead the news agencies urgent tickers that should be handed over without delay perpetrators of newsrooms. If this same formula has moved to the digital editions is not only by inertia: actually defines very well the new culture of the urgency and the urgency that pervades newsrooms, now oriented to serve their online editions without delay. A compulsion which can lead to precipitation. The newspapers mentioned Albert Einstein College of Medicine not as a source, but as a related topic. Source of the news:: pointed to Islamists

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