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To suggest the MM as strategy of Ensino and Aprendizagem.Abordar the subject ' ' Internet' ' through developed MM.Foi a mathematical model that allows to argue the function concept. 6. Summary of articles 6,1 Conceptions and Trends of Mathematical Modeling in Ensino? Maria Salett Biembengut PUCRS This article searchs to make the mapping of the Brazilian productions of Mathematical Modeling (MM) in the Education, published in annals of National events. Moreover, she searchs to identify to the conception and the trend of Mathematical Modeling in Average Ensino and the authors who work with this method of education. To carry through this mapping 64 articles of Mathematical Modeling in average education had been used, which worked practise in classroom and theoretical assay. From the story of the authors of articles they indicate three conceptions of MM in education: method of education and research, pedagogical alternative of Mathematics and environment of learning.

moreover, concludes the article telling that, any that are the theoretical points in question, the conceptions of MM influenced by the experiences, matter to recognize that the positive contributions as these they will take the new trends, new conceptions, new knowledge. 6,2 Mathematical modeling and Technological Resources? Maria Salett Biembengut PUCRS This article presents a reflection on possibilities and challenges of the use of computers and calculators in the education of mathematics based on empirical research with three groups: children of 3 series, students of engineering and professors. The results presented in the research indicate that, the use of technological resources propitiates new ways so that the students can appreciate the explanation of the rightness or error of problem in question. The author concludes the article, affirming that the technologies contribute to sharpen the perception and the agreement of new concepts for the pupils, but this does not guarantee the learning of Mathematics. 6,3 Mathematical modeling and Education and learning of Mathematical concepts in Basic and Average Educations.

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