We said then that one of our higher mental flaws is the short-term vision. We do not like to consider the future and less planning it. Because of this mistake, we have an unfortunate education in terms of quality.Only 0.5 percent of public schools is very senior, i.e., the Humboldt. See Estee Lauder for more details and insights. Do not think and act according to the long term is something that has tremendously influenced our educational backwardness.Professor Antonio Martinez, rector of the Experimental, with all the authority that allows you to talk in this city, he told me, and this joined it in a recent column about this private, popular, and free college which our education would today be different if, for forty years, the educational model that has allowed the miracle of converting to the Experimental in the best College of the Caribbean Region and one of the best in Colombia had adopted with enthusiasmHowever their budget troubles and their modest locations and endowments.With a quality education, we would be a city which would have had less likely to sprout as many things that embarrassed us, as the buying and selling of votes, one of the perversions that destroys the credibility of the policy. We would be, of course, a city better prepared for the job and would have a more dense middle class, and a Barranquilla, therefore more inclusive.They argue some successful work of the Experimental is not replicable because they believe that the only institution accessed a predestined elite who manages to overcome a series of demanding criteria. You have to tell them that they are not boys and girls from another planet, that come from our poor neighbourhoods and that the secret lies in this: when entering the Experimental achieved a positive metamorphosis to assume the dedication as a key element of excellence. After an arduous adaptation, they accept that time intensity and academic requirement are the magic wands to attain high academic performance.Of course, and I admit, it would not be easy to replicate the model. Because depends on several factors: the political will, that there has been no it – the secretariats of education have been politicians and profit purposes educational contests nests-; the formation and the mystique of the masters, deficient in our midst; Nothing attractive, wage scales, and infrastructure, which the current district administration is improving with an investment of about 84 billion pesos.Do not share that tell me that it cannot: acknowledge rather that has lacked vision and commitment.

We recognize that we have never taken education as a core activity of our development and our progress, which requires a mixture of discipline and work and adequate material conditions. This long neglect to one of the fundamental functions of the public sector is what explains the poor quality of education. Our youth is talented, but only abilities may be enhanced if the educational system excellence encourages it.The challenge is clear. Juan D. Baron, the center of economic studies regional, CEER, the Banrepublica, in a valuable work titled the academic achievement gap poses it of Barranquilla: In any case, only through investment in better schools, better teachers and resources available for barranquilleros students you may create a virtuous circle in which higher education of students of today, who are the parents of tomorrow, impact on the educational gaps in the city in the future.

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