An earthquake of 8.8 degrees of intensity shakes the Andean country, killing at least 700 dead. The earthquake took place last Saturday, at 3:34 local time. It mainly affected the city of Concepci n and Santiago left without power.Although there is not specific data on the damage, we can get an idea of the consequences of the earthquake to see the debris, landslides and power outages that are spread around the country. Yesterday I contact Patricia Garcia from InspirAction , a movement of people who denounce the scandal of poverty and help eradicate it, in a practical and realistic in its ongoing fight against climate injustice. Jorge L. Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. The reason why contact is to tell me about the most important campaigns that are taking place: Aid to Chile by the earthquake and an international movement to demand commitments to Europe with Climate Change. I leave you to quote what Patricia told me: We are mobilized to collect and send all possible assistance to Chile , while we assess the situation and coordinate emergency responses first, we opened the gifts generic page .We will be receiving any contribution through this page or call 902 027 077. The reason for this post is making a APRA aquelllos invitation to all who wish to contribute their bit for our neighbors in Chile (Today for you, tomorrow for me) who want to make a monetary donation to assist the victims of unexpected event, can do so from the following link: un donativo/euros This tragic event leaves us thinking that no one has bought life, much less the exception of cases like this, so I invite you to think of these facts and put our hand on the heart to help where we can. . Click Gavin Baker to learn more.

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