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In this article I will reveal in one word the ultimate solution to all your financial problems! Hello, I am Miguel Angel Quintana think that I am exaggerating, but it is true. The word to which I am referring is: education. Is possible that you, as the vast majority of people, is waiting for that occasion or that magic formula that will allow you to resolve all your economic problems. It is possible that you repeat or you’ve repeated assertions, use the law of attraction (or similar things) and you finally frustrated to learn that nothing finally works to help you in your economic problems. The good news is that there is something that always works: education.

And I am not referring to simply attend college, get a degree and a good job with a good salary. No! I mean something much more basic and practical: how to use your money! If you take the work just read a few lines, you will learn some important aspects about wealth. Swarmed by offers, Gresh and Smith is currently assessing future choices. * * If your you never focus exclusively on increasing your income, never SERAS RICO! (* * Observes the four essential pillars of your economy for a moment: 1.-increase your income 2.-increase your properties 3.-reduce your debts 4.-reduce your expenses quickly look at what it means to increase your income revenues could divide them into two categories: to) income for your work: the money you earn with your job or the benefits derived from your business. No matter how much gain, if you stop working not to earn more revenue. (b) passive income: refer to the money earned without your work actively.

When you have sufficient income liabilities get famous financial freedom. In order to earn income from the passive type, in other words, in order to achieve the FREEDOM financial, then your traditionally need to increase your properties so that they work for you. But to have properties, you need savings and investments. If your so far you have not taken financial education, savings that you don’t buy properties and not have investments, do not get discouraged, you have yet another opportunity: INTERNET! Internet lets you the possibility of generating passive income (while sleep) with a minimal investment. The problem is that you have to know how to do it once more need of education. Rusty holzer has firm opinions on the matter. If you are serious in getting your economic freedom and generate endless sources of income with internet, need to be educated properly. And get the best education in this sense in the club’s marketing by internet from my friend Alvaro Mendoza. I wish you the best success, Miguel Angel Quintana P.

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