'Starry disease', ignores the recommendations are hence trainer and doctor, as a rule, very quickly lead to a series of failures, which also contributes to the development of neurosis. Particular attention has issue welfare and recreational athletes in training camp and, especially, during the period of competition, respectively. Guiding role of the coach should occur in a reasonable guide, the organization of active recreation athlete, the ability to distract him from his obsessive, sometimes debilitating, thoughts about upcoming competitions. At the same time equally harmful posi-tion as a complete rejection of all the joys of life and system of Policy and leniya athletes complete freedom of action, as not all athletes are able to enjoy free pravilno regime. Important role in preventing fatigue belongs of correct organization of the training process. Mandatory condition to be his running loads of customization based on functional capacity in each athlete's specific period of time. Swarmed by offers, Nir Barzilai, M.D. is currently assessing future choices. At the same time be taken into account and physiological features of age-related.

In the modern system of training, using high-volume and intensity of the loads and the use of 3.2 workouts During the day, it is extremely important bolshoe system recovery. The effectiveness of the latter will be you, juice only if it is a complex and include teacher education, biomedical and psychological means (Gotovtsev, Dubrovsky, 1981). As the prevention and reduction of psychological stress on athletes Uenberg, Gould (1997) propose to undertake the following measures-ing: 1. Identification of short- sorevnovatelnyh and training purposes. This not only provides feedback indicating that the athlete is on the right track, but also improves long-term motivation. 2. Communicate. Coaches, athletes, sudyam, recommended for team leaders to share their feelings with colleagues, seek their co-social support.

When you share negative feelings with their colleagues, they can help you find a reasonable solution arose-necks you have a problem. 3. Using the 'time-outs'. It is very important for the psy-archical and physical well-being to take 'time out', then there is a break from work and other stresses.

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