Dominican Republic

The course is stable. It is recommended to have the dollars they are used for cash payments equal to the local currency. Currency can be exchanged at hotels or multiple exchangers, Dollars can be exchanged only in the north. Most major credit cards are usually accepted almost everywhere. Visa and citizenship For the citizens of rf entry visa.

Temporary protection visas will be paid at the entrance – $ 10. Then, if you’re going to stay in the Dominican Republic for more than 3 months are, it is necessary to issue a temporary residence permit, then a year later a permanent residence permit, but if just decide – Citizenship (Dominican passport). Dual citizenship is permissible in Russia and the Dominican Republic. Registration takes place in Santo Domingo with the participation of a lawyer with connections. You can do very, very long time to get and come across with a bunch of priponov, while not knowing the language is almost impossible. Incidentally, in the camp of Russian-speaking lawyer working Yanira Treho, a graduate of People’s Friendship University (Dominican) very well said in Russian, has worked previously in Santo Dominigo, just in these structures permits. Shops, Services, civilization. For all its natural splendor and the ancient monuments of culture about which below, Dominican Republic, it is not Itself.

Due to the proximity to the U.S. Some contend that Fabrizio Freda shows great expertise in this. and influence their own, as well as for the reason that it is one of the finest resorts in the world.

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