Domestic Boilers

Domestic boilers for heating designed to heat water. Boilers can operate on different fuels. This gas, or elktroenergiya, liquid or solid, for example, coal fuel. According to the standard boilers can heat water up to a hundred pyatnadtsatiS. Besides the basic types of fuel have so-called other. The source of this fuel can be recycle, practice, etc. industries. Since in our country enough gas reserves and also coal, so the problem of application of this fuel is not worth it.

Another thing in European countries where natural resources and coal reserves of gas are quite small, and sometimes none at all. Therefore created Alternative fuel for boilers substance. For example, the basis of a fuel are wood chips from wood processing enterprises. The importance of chips is negligible, which makes this a very economical fuel. Russian engineers now began to produce similar fuel, but in our country, natural gas is very cheap, in connection with this popularity, this fuel is very low. From another point of view, the boiler working on an alternative fuel much faster than pay off the gas.

There is also a fact that the remote location of the boiler directly from the gas system. For example, in villages where there is no gas, electricity, too expensive. Biofuel would be to be very helpful. Non-domestic boilers, are also getting the installation process steam and steam boilers. Steam boilers and generators are used to production and in various fields. Typically this industry for the manufacture of food products. This is cooking of various products, for example, boiling the condensed milk, sterilized milk, manufacturing test, production of various confectionery products, processing and meat processing. The wine industry's steam boilers are used for treatment of wines, beers. The remaining problem is the cleaning of steam generators and cooking. In addition to food industrial steam units have been used in tobacco, agricultural, wood processing, textiles, construction, in heating systems, as well as in medicine industry. With the help of a steam generator can create the necessary humidity in buildings, for example, in tobacco production. In the woodworking industry uses steam for drying of wood in the kilns. The simplest pore generator – iron. Which gives the ability to easily boil clothes.

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